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  • buyer-beware

    Not all Tier 1 panels live up to their name – beware – is your panel manufacturer financially stable and is your warranty going to last the test of time?

    Research is key. We care about our clients, not just now but in the future. This is why we urge our customers to research their panel manufacturer to gain some insight into their financial stability, yes their financial stability.
  • clean-nrg-solar-installation

    Solar pool heating Perth

    Maximise your pool by having a solar pool heating installed. With this system, you can enjoy the benefits of having your swimming pool for much more extended periods throughout the year. You can certainly use your pool during the summer nights
  • Solar Heat Pump

    Make the move to solar hot water systems Perth today

    More and more households are switching to solar hot water systems Perth and you should definitely consider this option too. Living in Perth makes it more possible for families to enjoy solar hot water systems Perth. It is known to have more
  • DSC029761

    Clean NRG offers competitive rates on Tesla battery cost

    There is no need to look further when you are searching for good rates on Tesla battery cost because at Clean NRG, we offer a highly competitive Tesla battery price. We are an authorised retailer for Tesla batteries so you can be assured that
  • solar-hot-water-systems

    Clean NRG installs efficient solar hot water systems

    More and more families are looking to have a solar hot water system installed in their homes. Most homeowners shift to a solar hot water system to save on their electricity bills, while others’ primary reason is to lessen environmental
  • lg-solar-panels

    High-Quality LG solar panels now available at CleanNRG

    Nowadays, a great number of people are seeing the benefits of LG Solar Panels. As such, more and more people are shifting to solar energy. Solar energy greatly helps in reducing your electricity consumption thus giving you lower electricity
  • DSC029761

    Battery storage payback times – the facts & figures

    Tesla’s Powerwall has reached Australian shores and we are taking calls every day from clients wanting to buy a solar PV system with batteries (or to install batteries to their current solar PV system).

    The Powerwall, a home battery system
  • Gold-Coast-Solar-Panel-Cleaning

    Professional Solar panel clean & System check by Clean NRG Solar

    Solar Panel Clean 
    Keeping your Solar panels clean is crucial to their performance. From only $150*, it helps protect your investment and increases the efficiency of your panels, which in turn saves you money. Your solar panels will be
  • switch

    Clean NRG & ‘Switch your thinking’ solar partnership

    Switch your thinking has partnered with Clean NRG to offer home and business owners in Switch your thinking Council areas a 15% discount on solar installation and a 20% for businesses.

    The campaign promotes community

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