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    Administration Assistant – Part time

    Administration Assistant - Maternity leave coverage

              Family friendly company
              Osborne Park location
              3 days / week (can be flexible for right applicant)

    12 month contract at this stage, potential for
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    Hi, We know you are busy but we think this is important

    Avoid bill shock! Smart business people are choosing Solar.

    Massive reduction in overheads (short & long term)
    Healthy government incentives (reducing each year)
    Tax Incentives (take advantage of the $20k write off)
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    Solar Battery Storage Solutions with the City of Gosnells

    The City of Gosnells Libraries are pleased to present Solar Battery Experts Clean NRG Solar. Get real answers about government incentives, availability and pay-back times.
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    Green News l October 2017 l Spring Edition

    FREE ENERGY - Could you be getting more?

    Is time running out for Solar?

    Ever wandered what could go wrong with a cheap Solar system?

    Solar Battery Storage workshop events calendar

    Which Battery will give the best value over time?

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    Solar Battery Storage Revolution Workshop with City of Mandurah

    'Solar Battery Storage Revolution'  workshop you don't want to miss!

    Learn about the facts & figures, myths & milestones from a Tesla Energy Authorised Reseller. Availability is limited.

    Date: October 19th 2017

    Location: City of
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    Which solar battery will give the best value over time?

    Which solar battery will give the best value over time?

    Here at Clean NRG Solar, we are often asked which is the best value for money Solar Battery Storage Solution available in Perth.

    Introducing the long-life home energy management
  • CellGuard commercial solar installation by Clean NRG solar

    Our Commercial team delivers once again, not just in quality, but experience in the Commercial Solar field. In collaboration with CellGuard, we installed a 30.5kW Commercial Solar PV system which will provide power to coincide with CellGuard’s
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    Is time running out for Solar in Perth metro?

    Is time running out for Solar in Perth metro?

    Western Power Solar rejections have begun and it is not just the beginning they are on the rise. Incase you are "Solar free" and have not experienced a Western Power approval process, this is the
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    Clean NRG’s community Philippines charity project – update

    Thanks to your enthusiastic support, over recent months, Clean NRG's charity run to the Phillipines has helped many needy families, mainly with children.

    The donations were sorted and distributed recently to this local community on the island

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