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The SIX do’s and don’ts for buying solar

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Renewables are the way of the future, with solar being the most cost-effective renewable we have. However, it can be a tough choice when choosing the right person to install your solar. No one wants to be another statistic of a dodgy install job. That’s why its important to be informed and choose the right...

Does your business or organisation qualify for up-to $55,000 in government subsidies?

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Does your business or organisation qualify for up-to $55,000 in government subsidies? As a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer, Clean NRG Solar can quickly assess your business and audit your energy usage to calculate exactly how much of this incentive you can claim. We will also provide you with a comprehensive Solar payback chart...

Calculating your actual solar savings…

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Congratulations on your new Solar PV system!  Now let’s look at how to calculate your actual solar savings… In the beginning, your power bills post having a Solar PV system installed can sometimes take a little adjusting in order to understand your savings. We have received many calls over the years from confused clients who feel...

The Government Solar incentive is reducing by one fifteenth on 1st Jan

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Not everyone is aware that there is a major Solar subsidy (aka rebate) currently available to all Australians. This financial incentive generally knocks thousands of dollars off the cost of a family sized Solar PV system. Many Solar consumers are unaware of this subsidy, or STC government incentive, because retailers (such as ourselves) process the...

Have LG knocked off Sunpower as the world’s best Solar Panel?

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When it comes to Solar panel manufacturers, there is certainly no shortage of options for home and business owners in Perth. Solar PV technology is improving every year, and many solar panel companies offer products that boast both high conversion efficiency numbers as well as very impressive long-term warranties. Focusing specifically on Sunpower and an...

FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more?

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FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more and when is enough really enough? Are you actually maximising the savings generated by your Solar System? Fed up with sleepless nights agonising over your sky rocketing power bills and, if you do have a system installed, are the savings as high as they can be? Meet Mrs...

Ever wondered what could go wrong with a cheap Solar system?

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A Cautionary Tale about Solar Excerpts from Crap Solar Here at Clean NRG Solar Perth we are often asked “what’s the difference” between our level of service and the quality of our products and installations, in comparison to other “cheaper” options. We always say “Buy cheap, buy twice”. This insightful piece explains what can go...

Buyer beware telemarketing and door knocking by solar retailers in Perth

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It is conceived within many industries, including the Solar industry, that door knocking and cold calling is not a reputable method of marketing. Clean NRG Solar has experienced an increase in the number of complaints about Solar companies telemarketing and door knocking on Perth doors. The problem with these forms of marketing is that they...

Is solar battery storage right for you?

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Solar Battery Storage sales have increased through out Perth. In fact, this financial year, Clean NRG Solar’s Battery Storage inquiries have increased by 10 fold! The new generation of solar energy storage is cheaper to buy, more cost-effective, streamlined and better looking. The word is getting around about how much Perth households can really save...

Important! Please read before you receive your first “post solar” power bill

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How to calculate your solar savings There is a common misconception about how much Solar actually saves you and how this is explained on your power bill. It is important to realise that the $0.0713 Feed In Tariff is “Net”. It is not paid for every kWh generated by your Solar system. The $0.0713 is...

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