The SIX do’s and don’ts for buying solar

Renewables are the way of the future, with solar being the most cost-effective renewable we have. However, it can be a tough choice when choosing the right person to install your solar. No one wants to be another statistic of a dodgy install job. That’s why its important to be informed and choose the right one.  

So what are the SIX do’s and don’ts to consider when buying solar? 

1. Choose a CEC approved solar retailer. 

CEC Accredited installer

Why is this important?

Kind of like the solar police, CEC is a governing body that ensures that solar installers are doing the right thing. With stringent guidelines that each company has to follow. If they don’t follow these rules, they get warnings and can then get their CEC approval revoked.

2. Choose a locally owned company

A locally owned Company will be far easier to deal with. They are not going to contract out the work to someone you don’t know. A locally owned company will also be around when the install is complete, and make sure it’s working.

Talking to a local (real person), face to face will also help make the right choices. We all know there is nothing worse than thinking you are dealing with a local company and realising you are dealing with an overseas call center.

Check the address of the company. If its a mailbox or a residential address beware! 

3. Do your research!

👉 Check the company’s reviews – the public tends not to lie.

👉 Look at their listing on ASIC.

👉 Are they an approved CEC installer?

4. Avoid door-to-door salespeople or telemarketers

I think it goes without saying that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Most of these door-to-door sales and telemarketers aren’t registered with the CEC nor would they have any reviews listed anywhere for you to check up on the company. Always do your homework. Not to mention telemarketers wouldn’t be local, which is also important as we discussed earlier.

5. Book yourself in for a consult and meet people

A consultation should go through your energy usage and discuss yield estimates and payback times. These are all important steps when installing solar as you don’t want too large a system that will waste your money, nor anything too small that you won’t get the most benefit out of.

Study the quotes you are given and ask questions. If you don’t understand the charges then go through it with them. If they are obliging and helpful then this can also be a good indicator of what they will be like to deal with as a company when it comes to actually install the solar.

6. Pay more for quality solar

Unfortunately for most things we all purchase cheap is never the best. Investing in a quality solar power system will cost you more. There will always be super cheap solar out there but what are they paying for it if you are getting such a good deal? Where are they cutting corners? Is it a cheap inverter that will break or are the fixings dodgy and won’t last?

Get quality now for fewer headaches in the future.

So remember the 6 tips when choosing a solar retailer:

  1. Choose a CEC Solar approved retailer
  2. Choose a locally owned company
  3. Do your research
  4. Avoid door-to-door salespeople and telemarketers
  5. Book yourself in for a consult
  6. Pay more for quality solar

Clean NRG Solar is always happy to provide a thorough consultation including estimated yield figures and we can even come and visit your home or business.

Don’t forget about the government rebates. Thousands of Australians are missing out on free money from the government. The government rebate is not available forever so now is the best time to install solar on your home or business.

Free money that will not only help you reduce your energy bills, but help reduce your carbon footprint and support a future of renewables for Perth and Australia. Let’s all do our part for the planet as well.

Choose quality, Choose, Clean NRG Solar.

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