Efficient and Affordable EV Charger Installations in Perth

Installing an electric vehicle charger (EV charger) at home is the best and most popular option for EV charging.

A Smart EV charging station allows you to refuel your electric vehicle using the excess power from your solar energy system, making your electric vehicle more energy efficient and sustainable.

Home EV charger installations give you easy access to an EV charging station for your vehicle, making refuelling more convenient and less time-consuming.

Home chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle whenever it’s parked in the home garage overnight, so you can be confident knowing that your electric vehicle will be fully charged when you start your day.

tesla wall connector ev charger charging vehicle
Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger Charging Car

EV Charger Installation Perth:

Clean NRG Solar is an authorised Tesla EV Charger installer. Ensure a manufacturer preferred specialist with in-depth product knowledge is assisting you with the installation of an EV charging station. We can supply and install electric vehicle chargers from brands Fronius, SMA, Delta, ZJ Beny, and Fimer.

We also offer installations only if you are wanting to supply your own EV charger.

Choose the Best EV Charger for You:

There are many variables that make each EV charging station differ in cost and power. Some features to consider when buying a home EV charger include:

  • Single Phase or Three Phase electrical power
  • Charging the vehicle with solar energy (Smart EV Charging)
  • Tethered or Socketed charging

The amount the features each model of EV charger has can make it difficult to decide which EV charging station best suits you and your vehicle’s needs.

Since we stock and have installed all kinds of EV chargers, Clean NRG Solar’s expert installers can support you with our extensive product knowledge to compare and choose an EV Charger appropriate to install at your home.

Featured EV charger brands we install

tesla wall connector gen3

Tesla Wall Connector (3rd Generation):

  • 7 kW single-phase charging
  • 22 kW three-phase charging
  • Type 2 Charging Cable
  • 7.3 metre cable
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 2 year warranty
Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger

Fronius Wattpilot:

  • 7 kW single-phase charging
  • 22 kW three-phase charging
  • Type 2 Charging Cable
  • Cable not included
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 2 year warranty
SMA EV Charger

SMA EV Charger:

  • 7 kW single-phase charging
  • 22 kW three-phase charging
  • Type 2 Charging Cable
  • 5 metre cable
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 5 year warranty

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