A New Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

The Fornius Wattpilot Plug-and-Play EV Car Charger

Fronius Solar is one of the most popular brands of Solar technology producers for residential and commercial solar systems.

Founded in 1945, with a goal to create a sustainable future through innovation and quality, through their range of European manufactured products which promise both efficiency and reliability.

Fronius products are built to last, with durable, high-end components that can withstand harsh conditions. They also have a wide range of inverters to suit different needs, from single-phase to three-phase to hybrid inverters, making it easy to find the right inverter for your solar system. Popular models include the Fronius Primo, Web, and the Fronius Symo.

Introducing the Fronius Wattpilot Plug-and-Play Charger

An intelligent plug-and-play e-vehicle solution. The Fronium Wattpilot is a charging solution that allows for maximum independence and minimised costs for e-car drivers. Available in both a Go and EV Home Charger version, the Wattpilot offers flexible charging solutions that promise to save you money and time when it comes to charging your car at home, or when on the go.


Product Features:

  • Plug ‘n’ Drive – Allowing you to simply plug in the charger, and commence charging instantly. 
  • Intelligent Charging – Makes use of surplus solar energy from your system and solar batteries, if available, or can charge from the main grid. The device can also be set to seek out the cheapest current possible, saving you money. 
  • Easy to Use – The Fronius EV Charger can be controled through the Fronius Solar Wattpilot App, or through the buttons on the device, with multiple settings for personal requirements. 
  • Safety and Control – The Fronius Car Charger allows for individual users profiles for up to 10 users, and is secured by an RFID chip. 
  • Full Integration – Users can view an overview of all the components through the Fronius Solar Web App. 
  • Complete Flexibility – The Wattpilot Electric Car Charger can be used with any E-Vehicle, whether you be looking for a Tesla Home Charger, or a home car charging point.
Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger Charging Car