Choosing The Best Solar Panel Inverter for Your System

Convert the energy your panels pick up with Tier 1 solar inverters

Clean NRG Solar is committed to supplying and installing the world’s best solar inverters to provide our customers with quality solar power solutions.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive only the highest quality products to ensure the efficient and effective operation of their solar power systems.

We understand the importance of protecting our customers’ investments, which is why we have strict product selection criteria in place.

All of our solar inverters come from reputable companies with proven track records and are backed by sturdy warranties, giving our customers peace of mind.

Why does the brand of solar inverter matter?

Cheap and nasty

Buying a cheap solar inverter can create more headaches than they are worth. With short warranty periods and poor-quality electronics, a cheap solar inverters price is most often too good to be true. Choosing a quality solar inverter from a reputable manufacturer ensures that you get the most value for your investment and can rely on your system for years to come.

Great warranties

The solar inverters we install are all from top-quality manufacturers with proven reliability and excellent warranties. Whether it’s a hybrid inverter or a micro-inverter these are things to consider when making an investment as important a solar power system.

Proven partnerships

Our partnerships with these premium hybrid solar inverters, microinverters and solar panel companies position Clean NRG Solar to offer these quality products at excellent prices.

What should I consider when buying a business or home inverter?


Have you researched the product? For example type into Google “Fronius inverter reviews”? Before making a purchase decision, it’s important to read reviews from other customers who have used the product. Search for reviews of the specific inverter brand and model that you are considering, and take note of any recurring issues or concerns. This can help you avoid potential problems and make an informed decision. At Clean NRG, we also have a section on our website dedicated to customer reviews and testimonials.


Is it backed with comprehensive product training? Does the installer know all they need to ensure proper installation? Ensure that the installers you choose are backed with comprehensive product training just like Clean NRG. This will help ensure proper installation and prevent issues down the line. At Clean NRG our installers have been trained on all of the brands of solar panel inverters we stock and receive any necessary training before commencing installation.


Does the manufacturer have an Australian presence and local representation? Do they have a Perth warehouse that stocks this product? Make sure that the manufacturer of the inverter has a local presence in Australia, with a warehouse in Perth that stocks the product. This can be important if you need to get replacement parts or repairs done quickly. We have a warehouse in Perth that stocks a range of solar products, including our inverters. This ensures that we can provide quick replacements and repairs if needed.


Is the solar inverter from a major company with a solid background? Is the product from the original manufacturer, i.e. Tier 1 (not rebadged). Choose an inverter from a reputable company with a solid background in the solar industry. Make sure the product is from the original manufacturer (i.e., Tier 1) and not rebadged. This ensures that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets international standards for quality and reliability. At Clean NRG we only source our products from reputable Tier 1 manufacturers with a solid background in the solar industry like Huawei, SMA and Fronius inverters. This ensures that our customers receive high-quality and reliable products that meet international standards.

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