How Do Solar Panels Work?

The future of solar energy in Australia is bright. Solar power provides a clean, renewable resource that can save homeowners and business owners money on their electricity bills and benefits the environment as well. Curious about how solar panels work? Keep reading!

solar panels on modern house

Solar photovoltaic (solar pv) panels convert sunlight into energy that then can be used through the below steps:

  1. Sunlight hits the face of the solar panel system, energising the photovoltaic solar cell, from which loose electrons are set into motion causing an electrical current
  2. This electrical current then courses to the edge of the panels into the conductive wires.
  3. From here it proceeds to the inverter where the electricity of converted from direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity.
  4. The newly converted AC electricity is then able to flow to the breaker box and then to any electrical appliance in the building allowing you to have solar power powering all of your appliances.
  5. Finally, any unused solar energy is sent to the main electricity grid meaning the solar energy generated from your house is then able to be used by others in Perth.

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Solar Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Whilst photovoltaic panels work in low sunlight, the greater amount of sunlight that hits the panels, the greater the output of electricity. Whilst at night the panels won't be able to generate power, which is why solar batteries are a great idea.

The solar system will be connected through your fuse box.

All solar panel systems in Perth that are connected to the grid are required to disconnect during a blackout for various safety reasons meaning your solar panels will stop producing power.

Our expert team of installers will evaluate your house and where to put the panels, but generally in Australia panels facing North are preferred due to the direction of the sun.

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