Save on heating costs by using Bosch Compress 3000

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At Clean NRG, we want to help you reduce your energy consumption by offering energy efficient products like the Bosch Compress 3000. We offer a wide range of products that will have less negative impact on the environment. This includes solar panels, inverters, solar heating systems, and solar hot water systems. Whenever possible, we want...

Make the move to solar hot water systems Perth today

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More and more households are switching to solar hot water systems Perth and you should definitely consider this option too. Living in Perth makes it more possible for families to enjoy solar hot water systems Perth. It is known to have more hours of sunshine compared to other cities in Australia which makes having solar...

Clean NRG installs efficient solar hot water systems

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More and more families are looking to have a solar hot water system installed in their homes. Most homeowners shift to a solar hot water system to save on their electricity bills, while others’ primary reason is to lessen environmental pollution. If you are still undecided whether you should have solar hot water system installed in...

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