Clean NRG installs efficient solar hot water systems

More and more families are looking to have a solar hot water system installed in their homes. Most homeowners shift to a solar hot water system to save on their electricity bills, while others’ primary reason is to lessen the environmental pollution.

If you are still undecided whether you should have a solar hot water system installed in your home in Perth, allow us to explain the advantages of having one.

As mentioned above, a solar hot water system will help you save on your electricity bills. This is because the solar panels installed in your home will heat your water using the sun’s energy. That means you do not have to consume commercial power when this happens, thereby significantly reducing your monthly electricity bill. For the best-case scenario, you can save as much as 90% on your water heating bills when you have a solar hot water system installed.

Another reason why consumers are shifting to solar energy in Perth is to help the environment. When traditional electricity is being used, harmful gases are actually being emitted into the environment which causes air pollution and worsens global warming. By using solar energy in Perth, harmful carbon emissions are significantly less. That means the energy that you use is cleaner and more eco-friendly.

There are people who would want to install solar panels in their homes or businesses but are still hesitant. They think that it is too expensive to install and the upkeep is pretty demanding. Although there is an initial cost in the installation of the solar panels, this is offset by the significant savings in future energy bills. They essentially pay for themselves within a fairly short period of time. You also have to note that the price of electricity increases over time which means that you may have to pay for more expensive bills in the future.

Some people are still reluctant about installing solar energy in Perth because they are worried about the upkeep and the unexpected costs that it may be brought. Maintenance for the solar energy system installed in homes is quite minimal. But take note that you would need to have someone do a full check on your system every few years. This will help make sure that big and expensive issues will be prevented.

Solar energy systems are not just used to power homes, it can power businesses as well. It is best to install commercial solar now while there are still rebates being offered by the government. It is uncertain how much longer the government will continue to offer this rebate for businesses, so it would be wise to take this offer and install commercial solar as soon as possible. The rebate will vary depending on the commercial solar system you choose to install. You can save as much as 30% on solar installation costs. To make it easier for you, we will take care of all the paperwork required for you to get the commercial solar rebate. We do all that with no extra charge to you.

The benefits of having commercial solar is about the same as that of those that are installed in residential structures: lower electricity bills and less carbon footprint. What makes it even better for businesses is that they can project to their clients that their company takes corporate social responsibility seriously by not contributing more to global warming. A lot of businesses in Perth have already made the leap to solar power, and it may be time for your business to follow this smart and strategic option.

You may have your own reasons for not having a solar hot water system installed, but keep in mind that we only have one environment and it is currently degrading due to factors like excessive use of electricity. We have to take action now and do what we can to help save it so our children’s children can still enjoy the environment that we have today.

At Clean NRG, we take doing our share for the environment very seriously and we hope you do too. That is why when you wish to install solar energy in Perth, we will make sure to guide you every step of the way. Starting from the design process, installation, and even service and maintenance, all our experts will be happy to address any concerns and questions you may have. Moreover, we have designed solar panel systems that will last at least 2 decades. Contact us now for details. We make it easy.