Solar Hot Water Systems

For most Australian homes, producing hot water has the largest impact on energy costs.

Using solar hot water systems to heat your water can substantially reduce energy bills, even in colder climates, and will reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases.


Save Energy with a Clean NRG Solar Hot Water System

For many years in Perth, we have embraced solar hot water heating and for good reason. Without a solar hot water system in Perth, most families will spend around $1000 per year on energy to make hot water.

Make the most of our Perth sun and install a solar hot water system and save around $1000 per year.  Call us for more information.

Going solar for your hot water makes environmental and economic sense.

Why Solar Hot Water?

Every house in Australia should have a solar hot water system. It’s that simple. From Perth to Sydney, Darwin to Melbourne, solar hot water systems make environmental and economic sense, particularly for those of us with large families.

How Does it Work?

The solar panels begin the process of gradually heating the water in the morning as soon as the radiant heat from the sun is absorbed by the collectors on your roof. This continues throughout the day until late afternoon and will give you enough hot water for the whole family.

What Happens on Cold, Cloudy or Rainy Days?

On cloudy and rainy days the solar gain is less, but the collectors still absorb heat. On these days the solar hot water system will usually require the assistance of a booster to maintain the water at a suitable temperature, so you will never be without hot water.

Huge Savings Every Year

A solar hot water system is a great long-term investment that has a guaranteed return. In Perth using the sun’s energy to heat water can reduce your household hot water bills by more than 90% each year. That’s 90% of your hot water for free. That’s a massive saving of around $1000 each year for the average large family. This will add up to thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of the solar hot water system. Coupled with the longevity of our quality systems, using solar hot water is one of the best economic decisions you can make.


There are many variables that affect the pricing of a solar hot water system. This is determined by the customer’s requirements based on the nature of the building structure, the number of people in the family using hot water, whether the system is close, coupled or split, electric or gas boosted.

Also, rebates and discounts affect the final price to the customer. 

Please call into our store or we will visit your home or business and provide the most competitive price possible.

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What are your options if a Solar Hot Water System is not suitable for your home or business?

In some instances, a solar hot water system is not a suitable option for your home (due to size restraints). This is why we source the world’s most efficient hot water Heat Pumps. Click here to find out more about Heat Pumps from Clean NRG Solar.

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