Is The “Tesla Powerwall 2” The Only Battery To Choose?

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How do you choose the best solar batteries for home? And how many are there to choose from? When choosing a lithium home battery the choice is vast and varied. The reputable Solar Quotes website has listed the lithium home batteries available on the Australian market at forty and they haven’t listed them all. Many...

Home Battery Storage Perth—Battery Storage

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Home Battery Storage Perth—Battery Storage Home battery storage in Perth is a hot topic at the moment. The question of whether home battery storage is worth it is a question that we, in the solar industry, are being asked more and more, day to day. Before we cover this in more detail, it is important to...

The real cost of Tesla’s Powerwall battery storage

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Tesla’s all new Powerwall is a great concept – we love the idea of the massive potential of reducing electricity costs! But how long will it take to actually save you money based on the current cost of the unit and other related costs? The Powerwall promises to be available in two models, a 7kW...

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