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Home battery storage in Perth is a hot topic at the moment. The question of whether home battery storage is worth it is a question that we, in the solar industry, are being asked more and more, day today.

Before we cover this in more detail, it is important to be able to differentiate between the two types of home battery storage systems available in Perth.

Off-Grid Solar Home Battery Storage Systems

This home battery storage option means your property is not connected to the electricity grid at all. All of your electricity is generated solar PV system including an inverter and panels. When the power is generated, it is then stored for use at night which is when the sun is no longer shinning. This home battery storage option means that you and your property are completely electricity self-sufficient from the grid – ‘Off the grid’ which means you can rest assured that you won’t need a meter or to rely on a power company. But there’s a catch. When a home battery storage solution is totally off-grid, the setup is very expensive! Off-grid home battery storage in Perth and surrounds can cost anywhere upwards of $80,000.

Sometimes the only option is to choose an off-grid system, an example of this being the best home battery storage can be when a property is on a farm or any property in a rural or remote area. It can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars just to connect to the distant grid. Hence an investment in an off-grid home battery storage system can often be the best and most economical option for this group.

Solar hybrid home battery storage systems are systems that combine solar power from a photovoltaic system with another power generating energy source. However, hybrid systems will prioritise the use of stored electricity in your batteries over electricity from the grid – because it’s a lot cheaper to use electricity you generate yourself which is much better than paying 30c/kWh to buy it from the grid!! In the context of home battery storage systems in Perth, a hybrid inverter (sometimes referred to as a multi-mode inverter) is an inverter that can simultaneously manage inputs from both solar panels and a battery bank, charging batteries with either solar panels or the electricity grid (depending on which is more economical or preferred).

So is solar home battery storage worth it?

Provided that a system is sized accordingly to your energy usage patterns and purchased from a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer Solar home battery storage is worth it for some homes and businesses in Perth.

  • Working families, in particular, would benefit the most from solar home battery storage or any household that can’t use their power during the day.
  • Those who would like to guard themselves against blackouts are also good candidates for solar home battery storage in Perth, people with fish tanks or cold stores, however not all systems have this feature. Please choose carefully.
  • Lastly, for those who have a (to put it politely) ‘intense dislike’ for power companies. Why? Because there is no doubt that solar home battery storage will dramatically reduce or in some cases completely eliminate your power bills. There are a lot of Perth consumers that are not happy about selling their excess power to Synergy for 7c and having to buy it back at 28c! It just makes so many of our clients so mad!

Are Home Batteries In Perth Going To Drop-In Price?

We speak to all the major battery companies Tesla, Senec, Delta & Sonnen they all tell us it’s very difficult to get the battery cells to manufacture their finished product.

It’s about supply and demand and at this point given the amount of demand coming from the Electric car industry and all the other products that use lithium batteries from phones to power tools to all sorts of appliances and computers iPads etc the demand is outstripping supply so in the near to medium future it’s unlikely the price of Lithium batteries and hence that home battery storage will drop.

The good news is a new lithium home battery will start saving you money from the day it’s installed and those savings are likely to be far greater than any price drops that may happen.

It is important to remember that not everyone is concerned about the payback time when considering home battery storage in Perth. Some people are prepared to spend the money to reduce their grid imports to as low as possible and/or stick it to the power companies (we won’t name any names). Completely forgot about the payback. We applaud these people who choose Battery Storage in Perth.  Early adopters buying home battery storage are supporting the battery storage industry while it is still in its early stages, hopefully leading to some real growth in this industry.

Don’t forget, if you are not quite ready for a home battery storage solution, you can always opt for a battery storage ready PV solution for your home.

Which Home Battery Storage Brands Are Supported In WA?

This is an important question because a Home battery storage system is a long term investment you would expect the battery to last well in excess of 10 years one would hope it’s still performing well in 20 years. However, they do not serve free. Its likely components will wear and need replacing it will need software upgrades and manufactures support. So it’s important to look for financially stable companies that will be here for the long haul, Companies like Tesla, Senec, and Delta companies with a track record and the staying power you need for now and into the distant future.

Where Is The Best Place To Install A Home Battery In A Perth Home?

Lithium batteries are like humans when it comes to the optimum temperature which allows them to perform at their best. Lithium works best between 15 and 25 degrees so it’s important to find a cool dry location in your home to install your new home battery storage system. The coolest wall in your garage is often the best spot to install a home battery storage system in Perth, although they can also be installed in a non-habitat room like a laundry entry hall or passageway.

Where To Next On Your Home Battery Storage Journey?

 We highly recommend doing your research when buying a home battery storage system in Perth, by that we mean to google solar retailers in Perth and check their reviews. Always choose a Clean Energy Council – Approved Solar Retailer. You deserve 5 Star service, so always choose a retailer with a 5 Star Google Review and make sure they have 50+ reviews under their belt.

To receive your own, personalised home battery storage quote from a company that ticks all these boxes, Contact us at Clean NRG Solar at 9244 9200 today.