The 40 cent Feed-in tariff is ending! 4 options to help get you through..

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Oh no! What do I do when my 40 cent Feed-in tariff runs out?   This was the question my dad asked me last week. He received a letter from Synergy. Informing him that the 40c per kWh they were paying for his excess solar that was sent to the grid was about to end....

Five rules for the perfect solar panel placement (Will you be getting the best output from your panels?)

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Five rules for the perfect solar panel placement (Will you be getting the best output from your panels?) In Perth Western Australia we are very fortunate to have lots of sun. In fact, Perth has the best irradiance numbers of any capital city in Australia. This gives us lots of options when it comes to...

Not all Tier 1 panels live up to their name – beware – is your panel manufacturer financially stable and is your warranty going to last the test of time?

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Research is key. We care about our clients, not just now but in the future. This is why we urge our customers to research their panel manufacturer to gain some insight into their financial stability, yes their financial stability. Solar Panel So what is a Tier 1 solar panel? Evidentially it seems that the term...

Solar pool heating Perth

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Maximise your pool by having a solar pool heating installed. With this system, you can enjoy the benefits of having your swimming pool for much more extended periods throughout the year. You can certainly use your pool during the summer nights and even beyond the summer season. Kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy...

High-Quality LG solar panels now available at CleanNRG

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Nowadays, a great number of people are seeing the benefits of LG Solar Panels. As such, more and more people are shifting to solar energy. Solar energy greatly helps in reducing your electricity consumption thus giving you lower electricity bills. Also, solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint which would be...

Professional Solar panel clean & System check by Clean NRG Solar

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Solar Panel Clean  Keeping your Solar panels clean is crucial to their performance. From only $150*, it helps protect your investment and increases the efficiency of your panels, which in turn saves you money. Your solar panels will be comprehensively cleaned to maximise efficiency and performance. Excessive dirt on solar panels will decrease the amount of sunlight that...

Savings from the sun – solar panels pay you back

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Solar panel energy systems, in addition to immediately reducing your impact on the environment in a sustainable manner, serve as financially-viable, long-term investments. Though expensive to install, the system will ultimately ‘pay itself off’, saving you on energy bills every month as well as minimizing your carbon footprint. Once the system is set up and...

Perth Solar buyers BEWARE!

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Western Australian Solar Buyers beware of the old saying “if its sounds to good to be true it probably is….” We often receive phone calls from distressed consumers whose Solar PV systems have failed and the company that sold it to them has disappeared or closed its West Australian office. Imagine the stress of spending thousands...

Choosing the right sized solar panel system for your household

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Choosing the right sized solar panel system for your household As solar panels don’t store power and you only get 1/3 of its value when it’s fed back, it is important that you choose the right solar panel system. The most efficient systems cover your sun time usage and feed some of it back into...

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