Perth: The City of Light for More Reason Than One

In 2022, The City of Perth underwent a logo rebrand transitioning from the ‘City of Lights’ to the ‘City of Light.’ In this article, we will delve into the origins of the tagline and the reasons behind the current rebranding. We will also explore how Perth truly embodies the concept of light, not only through its artificial illumination but also as a prime location for solar energy.

The Origin of the City of Lights

Perth’s connection to the tagline ‘City of Lights’ can be traced back to 1962 when astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth in the space capsule named Friendship 7.  Perth played a significant role in supporting NASA’s missions, housing non-US-based command stations and participating in the monitoring and control of space missions.

During his orbit, as Glenn looked down at Australia he was stunned to notice the entire city of Perth was illuminated. Residents in the city had collectively turned on their lights as a symbolic gesture of welcome and support. This act of solidarity with the astronaut highlighted Perth’s sense of community and empathy, ultimately earning the city its moniker as the City of Lights. This tagline was strengthened by the idea that the population density and urban makeup of Perth as opposed to the surrounding rural areas could create such an effect. An effect that was visible from space.

Updating the Tagline

The more recent decision to rebrand Perth as the City of Light reflects a culmination of community support and the desire to reclaim the city’s renowned reputation. Through events like the Perth by Light winter campaign and the Christmas Lights Trail, the theme of ‘light’ has become increasingly prominent in the city’s essential experiences. 

The concept of light represents various aspects of Perth, including safety, sunshine, and a vibrant night-time economy which coincides with the original idea of the lights of Perth City being so visible from Space due to the population density throughout Western Australia. This rebranding provides the city with a valuable opportunity to strengthen its identity and promote pride among residents and visitors alike.

The New City of Light 

Beyond the symbolic reasons for the rebranding, Perth’s exceptional climate and geographical location are such that the City receives more sunlight than any other in Australia! This means Perth has the maximum potential for solar energy usage. With an average of 3,200 peak sunlight hours annually, solar panels get more than enough energy to power entire homes and businesses. Depending on the time of year and location within the state, residents can expect to receive anywhere from 5 to 11 peak sunlight hours per day. This abundant sunshine offers immense potential for harnessing solar energy and reinforces Perth’s position as a frontrunner in solar technology.

Perth’s rebranding as the City of Light aligns perfectly with its natural advantage as a prime location for solar energy. With an annual average of nearly 6 hours of sunshine per square kilometre, Perth’s solar potential is vast. The city has embraced solar energy and emerged as a top solar city, with a growing number of residential and commercial installations. The availability of abundant sunlight, combined with advancements in solar technology, positions Perth as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

Perth’s transition from the City of Lights to the City of Light is a fitting evolution that encapsulates the city’s indigenous culture, unique landscape, abundant sunshine and solar energy potential. This rebranding not only highlights many symbolic elements of the city but also encapsulates a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. This further strengthens Perth’s identity as a hub for solar innovation. The city’s solar potential, coupled with its history of supporting space exploration, demonstrates that the City of Light truly shines in more ways than one. 

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