Craig Chatting with Ultimo Constructions – Podcast

Recently, Clean NRG’s founder Craig Donohue met with an established building company called Ultimo Construction to chat with them on their Let’s Talk Building podcast about all things solar panels and battery storage!

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Ultimo Constructions is based in Balcatta and is one of the most reputable and highly regarded builders in Australia. They specialize in both home and land developments as well as custom-built properties. The company was established in 2010 and has been providing construction services to hundreds of individuals since then. They uphold the utmost dedication to ensuring that every build undertaken delivers the best building solution for their clients’ block, lifestyle, and budget. 

Ultimo Constructions knows how tricky building can be so in 2020 they started a podcast called Let’s Talk Building. This podcast covers all the ins and outs of the building process to better help customers get the best information and tips for their building needs. On the podcast, they share case studies, as well as inviting a variety of guests to explore the advice they have from their developments and building processes.

Last month, the host Rebecca Rossi met with Craig Donohue and both of them had an in-depth discussion about all things related to solar inverters and battery storage. Giving listeners a comprehensive overview of what they are and everything they need to know before purchasing one!

During the podcast, Craig covered a few little known facts about solar power and solar systems. He talked about how Clean NRG custom designs every system uniquely for their clients as well as providing education so that every customer gets the most out of their system. Clean NRG understands that every individual is different and thus has different power needs. Getting the right system depends on a huge range of factors like when power is used, during the day or night, or whether they work from home.

Craig describes solar as an Incredible investment, but one that is often misunderstood. Getting the best out of your solar system means you can make huge savings in electricity costs each year. A 6.6kw system can make up to $3000 worth of power per year. And the average system creates $2200 worth. Even just using solar power at night you can save up to $1400!

He also mentions how there is a lot of choices out there when it comes to solar companies. However, most companies are here today but gone tomorrow. There are also companies that continuously change brand names due to a large volume of bad reviews. Customers can be confident when they go with Clean NRG as it’s one of the oldest and most established solar companies in Perth. 

Listen to the rest of the podcast to find out more information on the cost of solar panels, the different types that are available, the difference between regular solar panels and solar inverters as well as specific information on how anyone can get the most out of their solar system once it’s installed. 

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