Has Your Latest Energy Bill Broken the Bank?

My Energy Bill Keeps Increasing? What Can I Do?

Every six months in Australia the weather dramatically changes. Summer’s are hot and dry while winters are freezing and wet. This often means a lot of work for people’s air conditioning systems. The thing is, in the lead-up to these months as the weather is changing most people will use their systems far less as the temperature is much more comfortable. When the weather does start to get really hot or extremely cold people rely on their air conditioning systems much more heavily and most Australians will see a dramatic increase in their energy bills. 

No, it’s not just you, there has been a jump in the average cost of household power bills Australia-wide and this number has been continuing to climb. The rising prices can be linked back to the increasing cost of fossil fuel/coal within the wholesale market where the cost is then passed on to households. 

This added financial strain comes at a difficult time for many Australians, with petrol prices and grocery shopping facing high levels of inflation causing the overall cost of living to increase.

Because of such circumstances, many Australians are turning to solar energy as a means to combat the rising and fluctuating costs of their air conditioning. 

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How can installing solar panels help ease the pain of electricity bills?

In the long run, the installation of solar panels could save households thousands of dollars, essentially covering the cost of installation. They are considered an excellent return on investment, as most residential solar systems will start to see the cost of such paid off within 2-5 years.

The upfront cost may be daunting, however, with Clean NRG, we offer financing options to help you get started on your journey towards the lowering cost of your electricity bill, meaning you can start saving on your power bill almost immediately.

Government solar rebates are also available for households with solar energy systems to cash in on. These rebates come in the form of credits on your electricity bills, buyback schemes from electricity providers if your household is producing excess electricity or one-off payments to assist with installation costs.

How soon will I start to see savings on my power bills?

After installation, the benefits of solar power will start to become apparent with your next quarterly power bill. Credits for any Buyback schemes as well as the savings from using solar energy over traditional fossil fuel alternatives will be outlined on your bill, highlighting the savings for that quarter. 

Soon these savings will add up, and within three years, the cost of your unit would have been paid off.

For more information on reducing your energy bill with solar panels, contact the team at Clean NRG today to help kickstart your journey towards lower electricity bills.

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