Important! Please read before you receive your first “post solar” power bill

How to calculate your solar savings

There is a common misconception about how much Solar actually saves you and how this is explained on your power bill.

It is important to realise that the $0.0713 Feed In Tariff is “Net”. It is not paid for every kWh generated by your Solar system. The $0.0713 is only paid for the solar energy you send back to the grid. When you consume the power your Solar panels have generated you are saving much more: $0.2647/kWh inc. GST to be exact (current price of power per unit charged by Synergy).

Your Solar savings are not just the total of the bill that shows a credit for solar! This new Solar client (see below) has received their first “post Solar” bill. You will see that there is a credit for $39.31 for 551 units fed back to the grid that the customer was paid for by Synergy.

You will then see an amount for the power purchased from Synergy at $0.2647 per unit of power.

The sample bill above does not show the total amount of power generated by your system, nor does it show the total of power consumed.

We have received many calls over the years from confused clients as they feel they are only saving the amount they are feeding back to the grid (in this case $39.31). Most of the savings are courtesy of the power this client hasn’t had to buy from Synergy.

So how do I calculate how much I have actually saved?

The best and easiest way to calculate the amount of power your system has generated is to use Solarweb. This service is limited to systems connect to WiFi and are hooked up to this service.

To take things a step further, ask us about upgrading to a Smart Meter to monitor the production and consumption of your Solar PV System in more detail.

Remember: it is important to try to use your power while the sun in shining. Cooking, heating, cooling, washing, downloading, drying, charging… etc… while the sun in shining to make the most of Perth’s sun and your new Solar panels. Please don’t make the mistake of using more power, all the time now that you have Solar Panels. Use your power “smarter”.

If you still have questions regarding your newly reduced power bill, or if you are inserted in upgrading to a Smart Meter, please contact us today.