FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more?

FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more and when is enough really enough?

Are you actually maximising the savings generated by your Solar System?

Fed up with sleepless nights agonising over your skyrocketing power bills and, if you do have a system installed, are the savings as high as they can be?

Meet Mrs White and Mr Newton, both are homeowners in Perth…

They both have a 5kW Solar system. Both systems have the same aspect, products and high-quality install, close-in location, same size house, same family size, both own a pool and both work Monday – Friday, 9-5.

Both power bills for the accounting period July-September last year totalled $462.80 without Solar.

BUT, Mrs White’s bill for the accounting period July-September this year was $321.56 and Mr Newton’s bill was only $221.55. While Mrs White still made a significant saving, it was not as impressive as Mr Newton’s dramatic reduction (see his impressive power bill below).

So why is this so?

Mr Newton has mastered the concept of “Power usage shifting”. More specifically this is as simple as using the power as the sun shines… in every way possible.

A typical day in the life of Mr Newton, Power usage shifter Extraordinaire

  1. First things first, Mr Newton wakes up and goes about his morning routine. Before heading to work each morning he programs his washing machine and dishwasher on delayed start (when the sun starts to shine).
  2. Mr Newton has a pool pump timer which is only programmed to turn on in the heat of the day.
  3. On cold/warm days, he sets the timer on the air conditioner/heater to switch on at around 2 pm to heat/cool the home with FREE energy. What Mr Newton is doing is heating/cooling the thermal mass of the home while the sun is still shinning.
  4. Over the weekends, he makes sure he does his housework during the day. This includes cooking, washing, ironing, vacuuming, dishwashing and charging his appliances.

In summary, Mr Newton has shifted his power usage habits from night to day, hence dramatically reducing his non-sun hour electricity use.

Mr Newton *star client* enjoys as much FREE energy as he possibly can.

So what’s the Return on Investment post installing Solar with Clean NRG on both homes?

Finally, let’s talk about the Return on Investment, or what we call in the industry the “payback time” for each Solar system. Consider this, both systems purchased from Clean NRG Solar totalled around $5,900.

Same system, same location, same aspect, the same lifestyle, same family size…

Based on the savings made during this billing cycle, Mr Newton’s payback time will be around 3.8 years and he enjoys a 26% Return on Investment, while Mrs White’s system payback time is around 6.4 years with a lesser return of 15%.

Call us on 9244 9200 to see how you too can enjoy a return of this size with Solar.