A Cautionary Tale about Solar

Excerpts from Crap Solar

Here at Clean NRG Solar Perth we are often asked “what’s the difference” between our level of service and the quality of our products and installations, in comparison to other “cheaper” options. We always say “Buy cheap, buy twice”. This insightful piece explains what can go wrong with a cheap Solar system. Please enjoy “Crap Solar, A Cautionary Tale”.

Caution: Contains Graphic images

“In Australia out of 1.7 million Solar installations, too many are in the category of ‘crap solar’. ‘Crap solar’ is a system that under-performs or is simply dead – sometimes without the owner’s knowledge. Avoid being a ‘crap solar’ owner. Buy cheap; be seduced by ‘no-brands’ with long but worthless warranties and you will be the proud owner of ‘Crap solar’.

There is even a Facebook page with close to 14,000 members called ‘Crap Solar’.”

At Clean NRG Solar Perth, we are all about “Quality Solar”. As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and Tesla Authorised Reseller, our friendly staff will be with you all the way, handling the entire approval process for installing your Solar power system. Throughout the Solar installation process we only engage Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers and, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years, we also offer an industry leading “5 year whole of system warranty”.

A range of submissions were selected from the ‘Crap solar’ Facebook page to give any one researching Solar a greater awareness of risks associated with choosing a cheap Solar PV system. This should highlight the need for caution when making purchase decisions. Today a quality 5kW system will cost between $7,000 and $10,000. A quality system will take about 4-5 years to payback and really it should last for much, much longer. Look out for warning signs if the system costs significantly less than this price range.


Low Panel Quality

Panel Hotspot

Delaminating Panels

Panel Fire Risk

Dishonoured Panel Warranty

Poor Quality Panel

Poor Installation

Poor Parts

Careless Transit

Cheap Components

Shaded Systems

Why are we different?

Using proven, quality brands that are well supported in the Western Australian marketplace, we look holistically at your home or business to help you reduce your energy costs both now and in the future.

Clean NRG Solar Perth is a “Solar Quotes”Platinum Rated Supplier: Australia’s most popular independent Solar comparison site. Our reviews say it all, please visit the Clean NRG Solar Quotes Page for more information.
Interested in Solar Battery Storage? Clean NRG Solar Perth is Tesla Authorised Reseller and we are proud to say we have partnered with Perth Local Councils to keep the Perth community up-to-date with Solar Battery Storage updates.


You may download the “Crap Solar – A Cautionary Tale” file here (PDF)

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