Is solar battery storage right for you?

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Solar Battery Storage sales have increased through out Perth. In fact, this financial year, Clean NRG Solar’s Battery Storage inquiries have increased by 10 fold! The new generation of solar energy storage is cheaper to buy, more cost-effective, streamlined and better looking. The word is getting around about how much Perth households can really save...

Important! Please read before you receive your first “post solar” power bill

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How to calculate your solar savings There is a common misconception about how much Solar actually saves you and how this is explained on your power bill. It is important to realise that the $0.0713 Feed In Tariff is “Net”. It is not paid for every kWh generated by your Solar system. The $0.0713 is...

WARNING STC price drop on the horizon

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For several months it has seemed that something was brewing in the STC (Small Scale Technology) market. So what is an STC? Your Solar system, will be discounted by 1 STC for every Megawatt-hour of energy your system is expected generate until 2031. In monetary terms: a 6.6kWh system purchased in early 2017 would have...

Save on heating costs by using Bosch Compress 3000

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At Clean NRG, we want to help you reduce your energy consumption by offering energy efficient products like the Bosch Compress 3000. We offer a wide range of products that will have less negative impact on the environment. This includes solar panels, inverters, solar heating systems, and solar hot water systems. Whenever possible, we want...

We offer different varieties of Bosch Hot Water Systems that can meet various needs and demands

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Having a Bosch Hot Water System installed has been an essential part of most Australian homes. More and more people continue to trust Bosch Hot Water for all their hot water needs because it is a very trusted and reliable brand. When choosing a brand for a hot water system, people would usually opt for...

Sun power: A highly efficient solar power system

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Sun power panels Perth is a name you can trust when it comes to solar panels. They have built a reputation of producing high quality products that will last years. That is why we are confident to add sun power panels Perth to our roster. Here at Clean NRG, we have a very strict product...

Not all Tier 1 panels live up to their name – beware – is your panel manufacturer financially stable and is your warranty going to last the test of time?

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Research is key. We care about our clients, not just now but in the future. This is why we urge our customers to research their panel manufacturer to gain some insight into their financial stability, yes their financial stability. Solar Panel So what is a Tier 1 solar panel? Evidentially it seems that the term...

Solar pool heating Perth

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Maximise your pool by having a solar pool heating installed. With this system, you can enjoy the benefits of having your swimming pool for much more extended periods throughout the year. You can certainly use your pool during the summer nights and even beyond the summer season. Kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy...

Make the move to solar hot water systems Perth today

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More and more households are switching to solar hot water systems Perth and you should definitely consider this option too. Living in Perth makes it more possible for families to enjoy solar hot water systems Perth. It is known to have more hours of sunshine compared to other cities in Australia which makes having solar...

Clean NRG offers competitive rates on Tesla battery cost

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There is no need to look further when you are searching for good rates on Tesla battery cost because at Clean NRG, we offer a highly competitive Tesla battery price. We are an authorised retailer for Tesla batteries so you can be assured that you will be getting the real deal The Tesla battery cost...

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