Combat ‘bill shock’ beyond Solar

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If you are a Solar home owner who has experienced ‘bill shock’ beyond Solar, this may be for you. Bill shock is so much worse when you have Solar panels, so shouldn’t your bills be lower? This is where carbonTRACK comes in, a home energy management system (HEMS) that allows you to effectively manage your energy consumption. It gives insights...

Synergy announced a 7% rise on your power bill from 1st July! Are you a winner or loser? (Hint: Solar owners are the winners)

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Synergy announced a 7%, or $120.50 (average), rise on your power bill from 1st July! Let us prepare you for the bill shock. Every time the price of power increases Solar owners save. Now, Solar owners are of course constantly saving, but when the price of power goes up they save more and more with...

Have LG knocked off Sunpower as the world’s best Solar Panel?

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When it comes to Solar panel manufacturers, there is certainly no shortage of options for home and business owners in Perth. Solar PV technology is improving every year, and many solar panel companies offer products that boast both high conversion efficiency numbers as well as very impressive long-term warranties. Focusing specifically on Sunpower and an...

Solar Battery Storage – is it worth it and how not to get ripped off!

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Recently we approached by a concerned customer who received a letter in their letter box titled: “Want to store and use your valuable solar energy at night”. Answer: Most people would of course shout ‘YES!’ from the roof tops, but here is where things start to smell a little fishy. The letter then proceeds to...

Clean NRG Solar Feature On 9 News On “Solar Battery Storage”

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  Roof top Solar threatens to disable to electricity grid, as covered in this report by 9 News. Experts are predicting that Solar Battery Storage could be the solution. “The more the price of power rises and the cheaper the batteries are, the more viable it will be to install Solar Battery Storage“, says Craig...

Which solar battery will give the best value over time?

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Which solar battery will give the best value over time? Here at Clean NRG Solar, we are often asked which is the best value for money Solar Battery Storage Solution available in Perth. Introducing the long-life home energy management system by Senec. Predicting the future: Which solar battery will give the best value over time?...

Is time running out for Solar in Perth metro?

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Is time running out for Solar in Perth metro? Western Power Solar rejections have begun and it is not just the beginning they are on the rise. Incase you are “Solar free” and have not experienced a Western Power approval process, this is the mandatory process of applying for the installation of a Solar system...

FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more?

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FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more and when is enough really enough? Are you actually maximising the savings generated by your Solar System? Fed up with sleepless nights agonising over your sky rocketing power bills and, if you do have a system installed, are the savings as high as they can be? Meet Mrs...

Ever wondered what could go wrong with a cheap Solar system?

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A Cautionary Tale about Solar Excerpts from Crap Solar Here at Clean NRG Solar Perth we are often asked “what’s the difference” between our level of service and the quality of our products and installations, in comparison to other “cheaper” options. We always say “Buy cheap, buy twice”. This insightful piece explains what can go...

Buyer beware telemarketing and door knocking by solar retailers in Perth

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It is conceived within many industries, including the Solar industry, that door knocking and cold calling is not a reputable method of marketing. Clean NRG Solar has experienced an increase in the number of complaints about Solar companies telemarketing and door knocking on Perth doors. The problem with these forms of marketing is that they...

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