Clean NRG Solar Feature On 9 News On “Solar Battery Storage”

Roof top Solar threatens to disable to electricity grid, as covered in this report by 9 News.
Experts are predicting that Solar Battery Storage could be the solution.
“The more the price of power rises and the cheaper the batteries are, the more viable it will be to install Solar Battery Storage“, says Craig Donohue, Clean NRG Solar Managing Director. “Like any new technologically advanced product newly available on the market consumers generally wait until the price starts to drop before purchasing. The question is, by installing a Solar Battery Storage System will the savings be higher than waiting for the price of Solar Batteries to drop?”
Working families who don’t use power during the day will benefit the most from installing a battery. We strongly advise all our customers to install a ‘battery ready’ Solar PV system to protect against the inevitable ever rising cost of energy from the grid. Call us to discuss the system that best suits your needs on 9244 9200.