Have LG knocked off Sunpower as the world’s best Solar Panel?

When it comes to Solar panel manufacturers, there is certainly no shortage of options for home and business owners in Perth. Solar PV technology is improving every year, and many solar panel companies offer products that boast both high conversion efficiency numbers as well as very impressive long-term warranties.

Focusing specifically on Sunpower and an LG Solar PV panels, let’s look at how to both manufacturers stack up?

We are asked daily by our customers, which Solar panels are “the best”. Cost, performance, efficiency, aesthetics, company bankability, product warranty, customer service.


SunPower is more expensive. We sell Sunpower, Pick My Solar sees SunPower pricing to be $0.57 per Watt higher than LG. This equates to a $3,420 on the total cost for an average-sized residential solar system (6,000 Watts). This is a significant cost increase for most homeowners or business owners so it’s important to understand what differentiates the two brands and their products.

Choice has done a comparison lab test and reviewed the latest solar panels. The solar panel buying guide shows the cost of Sunpower