WIN! 7 nights with a Tesla Model X in a private retreats in Byron Bay powered by the sun with solar and Tesla Powerwall

As a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, Clean NRG Solar is a leader in Solar Battery Storage providing homes and businesses around Perth with exceptional solutions in Solar Battery Storage.

As a proud Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, we are pleased to share with you an opportunity to experience a sustainable future with Tesla Destinations.

Enter for your chance to spend seven nights with a Tesla Model X at an award-winning private retreat in Byron Bay powered by the sun with solar and Tesla Powerwall.

That’s right, this April, you could be the one winner and five guests who will experience an unforgettable week in Byron Bay. Enter for your chance to spend seven nights at an award-winning private retreat that generates and stores its own energy with solar and Powerwall. Enjoy a Model X for the week, plus exclusive local experiences curated by Tesla. Everyone is welcome to enter!

Here is what one of our very happy Solar Battery Storage clients had to say about their experience with their Battery Storage System and their experience with Clean NRG Solar:

We found everyone at Clean NRG Solar extremely helpful. The family nature of the business really shines through and nothing is too much trouble for Craig and his team. Our electricity bill has plummeted since our solar became active. Help with setting up the cycle of appliance use and fine-tuning suggested by Craig and follow up to make sure all working ok was really appreciated. Although the batteries are expensive we are really glad that we went through with them as our large house and pool are able to survive into the late evening on stored battery power from the daytime and we enjoy free washer/ dishwasher and air-con in the early afternoon to cool down house prior to family coming home. Being able to monitor it all via the app is extremely useful. We would have no hesitation in recommending Clean NRG to friends and colleagues and have done so already on 2-3 occasions.

Elks / Watson Family East Fremantle

Is solar battery storage right for you?

Since the launch of the Tesla Power wall, Solar Battery Storage sales have increased throughout Perth. In fact, this financial year, Clean NRG Solar’s Battery Storage inquiries have increased by 10 fold! The new generation of Solar energy storage is cheaper to buy, more cost-effective, streamlined and better looking. The word is spreading about how much Perth households can really save with Solar Battery Storage but is Battery Storage for you?

Provided that a system is sized accordingly to your energy usage patterns and purchased from a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer, Solar battery storage is definitely worthwhile for some Perth homes and businesses.

Working families, in particular, would benefit the most from solar battery storage, or any household that can’t use their power during the day.

Those who would like to guard themselves against blackouts are also good candidates for solar battery storage in Perth, however as mentioned earlier, not all systems have this feature. Please choose carefully.

Lastly, for those who have a (to put it politely) ‘intense dislike’ for power companies. Why? Because there is no doubt that solar battery storage will dramatically reduce or in some cases completely eliminate your power bills.

Here is a checklist that will help you choose if Solar Battery Storage is right for you:

  • Are your current power bills over $500
  • Do you have a well-ventilated space or enclosure away from the living areas of the house to install the system? Ideally, the battery enclosure should be located, for Perth conditions, on a south or east-facing side of the premises
  • Do you plan to stay in your home for 10+ years?
  • Do you want to protect yourself against power blackouts?
  • Is your home vacant most days?
  • Do you want to be in control of your own electricity?
  • Are you fed up with continuing power price rises?

Check out our events page for details on our upcoming Solar Battery Storage events and details on how to register.