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Solar Makes Cents for Business

Clean NRG was thrilled to be able to look after Shevron Auto Accessories with quality Tier 1 panel and German SMA Inverters. The system was installed North East and north-west on tilt frames to maximise its efficiency and spread the power throughout the day. We are very pleased to report that the system is exceeding our yield estimates. The system is on track to pay for itself in less than 4 years. Shevron Auto Accessories is paying for their system with the money they would have normally spent on electricity.

Here’s what Allan Wiseman, Managing Director had to say:

“We recently purchased a new Solar Photo Voltaic system for our business in Welshpool. Clean NRG guided us through the entire process, they said what they did, and did what they said. Our winter bills are over $1200 per month less, and we are on track to save over $16,000 per year, as estimated. And as the cost of power goes up so do our savings. We now have a top quality 35kW PV system on our business with a design life of over 20 years, that will pay for itself in less than 4. We are not only saving thousands on our electricity bill, but we also have green credentials with our customers. We couldn’t be happier. We think every business should do it. Thanks, Clean NRG.”

Allan Wiseman
Shevron Auto Accessories