Sign the petition for your WA battery rebate and to save our grid!

Sign the petition for your WA battery rebate to save our grid!

Burgo invited Craig Donohue, Managing Director Clean NRG Solar, LIVE on 6iX to discuss solar battery storage and more specifically, the battery storage rebate and why it has not yet made it to our state.


A very popular and current topic is saving on power bills, battery storage and of course reducing our energy bills. Burgo’s first and most pressing question of this interview is “Why are West Aussies being left out of the battery storage rebate?”… and rightly so. To put it simply this is just not fair and it is time we were included!

So we started a petition! Together we can make a difference to finally bring the solar battery storage rebate to Perth, WA.

Firstly let’s look at the big picture, Australia wide. Three Australian states and one territory are offering solar battery rebates to protect their grids and to help reduce power bills. There are currently different forms of solar battery storage rebates available in the ACT, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland. However, this rebate or any rebate of this kind is yet not available in Western Australia.

But why do we need it? In Craig’s words, it is to “smooth the grid”. There is a lot of power going through the grid during the day, giving Western Power a world of headache. Then, when the sun goes down in the evening there is a need to “crank the generators up”. So, in simple terms, the solar battery storage systems will soak up and store the energy during the day so it is readily available to use at night time. Taking away the struggle on our grid (and we all know what happened a few years back in South Australia) and our power bills!

The WA grid does need some soothing, as we have seen in the other states, but why aren’t our politicians supporting the battery storage rebate? It seems ludicrous that a win-win situation, that has been tried and tested by our fellow states, has not yet been adopted here in WA?!

Enough is enough WA!

Our politicians are saying they want the solar uptake to increase by 3 fold in the coming decade. Also stating the desire to maximise the use of existing infrastructure to support this initiative and, in addition, to reduce the cost of electricity supply is paramount. But we are not seeing any sign of action on this renewable energy policy at all here in WA.

Rooftop solar is a fantastic investment with Returns on Investment that are hard to beat. A solar PV system can always be designed to be ‘battery ready’ meaning a battery storage system can be installed at a later date.

So what can we do about this unjust decision?

Please sign this petition!

We have had a fantastic response in support of this cause, but we need more. Enough is enough!

Join us by signing this petition to help reach our goal of 500 signatures – to bring the battery storage rebate to WA – we are almost halfway there!

We deserve it! Thank you in advance for your support!

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