Professional Solar panel clean & System check

Solar Panel Clean 

Keeping your Solar panels clean is crucial to their performance. From only $150*, it helps protect your investment and increases the efficiency of your panels, which in turn saves you money. Your solar panels will be comprehensively cleaned to maximise efficiency and performance. Excessive dirt on solar panels will decrease the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic cells, this reduces the amount of energy your panels produce.

Panel manufacturers recommend cleaning solar panels at least every 1-2 years for maximum performance.

Our Solar panel clean includes removal of:

  • Bird droppings
  • Dust and ash
  • Sea salt
  • Pollution
  • Moss and fungus
  • Leaves and pollen 
  • Pesticide and other fertiliser sprays 

Solar panel system check

We recommend system service checks to ensure your solar energy system is operating at maximum efficiency.

All panel cleans include a complimentary system check. This includes:

  • Check performance and operation of the system
  • PV Array, Mounting and DC Cabling
  • Inverter, including yield performance
  • Correct system labelling 

It is important to us that your solar power system is living up to all your expectations and we welcome the opportunity to provide ongoing after-sale service as you need it.

Please contact Clean NRG Solar to arrange a quote for your service inspection and make the most of your Solar energy system. Existing Clean NRG customers will qualify for a loyalty discount.

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