Buy cheap… buy twice – Quality pays!

Clean NRG has been appointed as a warranty facilitator by around a dozen Solar retailers to assist their clients with processing warranty claims.

Since the beginning of this contract, Clean NRG has been inundated with warranty complaints about inverters sold to the public by other Solar retailers who are no longer in business. The alarming fact is that approximately 95% of the inverters are cheaply made. Learn from our experience and be aware of cheap, poor quality inverters. It is a very expensive exercise opting for a cheaper inverter, then having to replace it within a few years with a superior model.

What can you do?

  1. Always buy from a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer.
  2. Do your research! Check the reviews of both the reputation of your Solar retailer and the products you are interested in purchasing.
  3. Shop around – Get 3 quotes, cheapest is not always the best. This is a long term investment so the quality of the products, service and install are paramount.
  4. Meet your Solar retailer, buying online is risky. Choose a retailer who has a shop front and is local. It’s best to have a Solar expert visit your house, conduct an energy assessment and design a system based on your needs.

Cheaper is never better, please do your research so you are not left disappointed with your Solar investment. Clean NRG systems are designed to last 20 years, so we believe cheap products are not an option.