Bosch Heat Pump Perth

At Clean NRG, we are able to cater to the energy needs of our clients, throughout Perth. We offer a variety of products and services including solar, gas and electric hot water systems. We also are proud to offer the Bosch Heat pump throughout Perth from the Western suburbs, Northern Suburbs, South of the river, into the Perth Hills, and from our base in Osborne Park.

Reduce your monthly electricity bill with Bosch Heat Pump

Are you looking for a Bosch Heat Pump in the Western Suburbs? Well, you have come to the right place. Here at Clean NRG, we take pride in offering products that will significantly reduce a household’s energy consumption. We not only offer Bosch Heat Pump in the Western Suburbs but other lines of solar panels and heating systems to name a few. We make sure that we offer only products from reputable manufacturers and brands. Moreover, we go for brands that have excellent product support and training. Additionally, the products we offer are great value for your money.

In a scenario where the existing hot water system breaks down, most people would just go for a unit that is exactly the same as the one that broke down. If this happens to you, the first thing that you should do is to realise that this is the perfect time to reassess your hot water needs. There have been many recent advancements in hot water technology that you may not be aware of including the cost-efficient Bosch Heat Pump. It is probably high time for you to consider a switch to a heat pump like the Bosch Heat Pump. This can be fitted regardless of your location in Perth, be it Northern or Western Suburbs, South of the River or in the Perth Hills.

When your existing hot water system breaks down, one of the most important things that you should reconsider is the number of people in your household. It might be when you got your hot water system, all your children were still living with you. Thus, if some of them have moved out, you will not need a system that produces enough hot water for five or six people as bigger systems will require more electricity and be more expensive to operate. If there are only about three or four people in your household, the Bosch Heat Pump is just perfect for you. Its tank stores up to 270 litres of water which would be enough for four people all taking showers or baths at the same time.

Whether you’re in the Northern or Western Suburbs, South of the River, located in Perth Hills, we at Clean NRG in Osborne Park will be able to assist you in addressing all of your Bosch Heat Pump installation needs. One of the great benefits of having a Bosch Heat Pump installed is the reduction in your monthly electricity bill. It is not an electric hot water system. That means it will not rely on electricity or even gas to heat water for your family. Instead, it uses atmospheric heat in order to heat the water. So you might ask if the Bosch Heat Pump only functions in extremely hot temperatures. Well, that is a no. It is true that it gets heat from the surrounding air in order to process hot water. But it works even in cold temperatures. It can operate and provide you hot water even if the air temperature is just -7° C. And it can operate with a maximum temperature of 40° celsius.

The Bosch Heat Pump does not require the heat of the sun to operate so you need not worry even if it rains for a few days. It uses a refrigerant which is an entirely different technology. While it does not require solar energy, you can use the Bosch Heat Pump together with a solar panel. Since the energy required for it to operate is far less, a solar panel would be the perfect fit. No need to worry if you do not have solar panels installed since you can also use commercial electricity as a backup especially if the temperature drops really low.

With a Bosch Heat Pump, the savings come in the form of reduced electricity bills. You can significantly reduce your water heating costs by as much as 65% compared to conventional electric hot water systems. That means you will be able to save a lot of money when using the Bosch Heat Pump in the long run. Water heating costs actually account for about a quarter of your monthly bill that means you can significantly reduce that amount if you opt for a Bosch Heat Pump. No matter where you live in Perth, be it, South of the river, Northern or Western Suburbs, in the Perth Hills, Bosch Heat Pumps can be installed in your home where you can benefit from these considerable savings.

Apart from the money you can save when using a Bosch Heat Pump, one great benefit of this is it has less impact on the environment. Since it uses a low amount of electricity to operate, that means it does not produce a high amount of greenhouse gasses.

So consider the Bosch Heat Pump when your existing hot water system breaks down or when you just need a new one installed. Not only can you save money, but you can have a less negative impact on the environment as well. Call us on 9244 9200 at Clean NRG in Osborne Park today for a free quote on the Bosch Heat Pump.