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    City of Stirling & Clean NRG Solar PV Education Workshop 3rd April, 2019

    City of Stirling & Clean NRG Solar PV Education Workshop
    Presented by solar experts - Clean NRG Solar, learn everything you need to know about solar PV systems, solar battery storage and solar hot water in your home.

    Wednesday 3rd April,
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    WIN! 7 nights with a Tesla Model X in a private retreats in Byron Bay powered by the sun with solar and Tesla Powerwall

    As a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, Clean NRG Solar are leaders in Solar Battery Storage providing homes and businesses around Perth with exceptional solutions in Solar Battery Storage.

    As a proud Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, we
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    Calculating your actual solar savings…

    Congratulations on your new Solar PV system! 

    Now let’s look at how to calculate your actual solar savings…

    In the beginning, your power bills post having a Solar PV system installed can sometimes take a little adjusting in order to
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    Renew Perth Branch Solar snapshot and lifecycle of Australian buildings

    Solar snapshot and the lifecycle of Australian buildings

    Presented by Clean NRG Solar and Renew Perth Branch

    When: Thursday, 21 st February

    Time: 7 pm - 9.30 pm

    Where: Function room at Home Base, 55 Salvado Road, Subiaco

    Cost: Renew members
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    Clean NRG Solar & Swan Greens present a community workshop on Solar Battery Storage

    Swan Greens & Clean NRG Solar present:

    A Community Workshop on Residential Battery Storage

    In this community workshop, Clean NRG Solar’s Craig Donohue will introduce participants to decision making for residential battery storage
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    Solar Power & Battery Storage Thinking Green Workshops 2019

    Are you battery storage ready? Government incentives, availability and payback times all revealed!

    In this workshop, Craig Donohue from CLEAN NRG Solar, will explain the facts, figures, myths, and milestones of solar power and battery
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    Our Installers don’t cut corners – peace of mind for Clean NRG Solar clients

    Our Installers don’t cut corners - peace of mind for Clean NRG Solar clients.

    Thousands of homes around Australia are feeling very nervous following a national audit into Solar panels. According to research “potentially deadly issues”
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    Green News l November 2018 l Summer Edition

    The Government Solar incentive is ending
    Green News l November 2018 l Summer Edition

    The Government Solar incentive is ending!
    Currently, most homeowners receive a discount of around $3950 for a 6.6kW system. In January 2019, the discount
  • government-solar-incentive

    The Government Solar incentive is reducing by one fifteenth on 1st Jan

    Not everyone is aware that there is a major Solar subsidy (aka rebate) currently available to all Australians. This financial incentive generally knocks thousands of dollars off the cost of a family sized Solar PV system. Many Solar consumers

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