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    10 Questions to ask our competitors

    What is the main business of the company? Are you dealing with a solar or electrical company, or an energy efficiency solutions business?

    CleanNRG is a WA family owned bricks and mortar business passionate about sustainability.
    We are proud
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    Choosing the right sized solar panel system for your household

    Choosing the right sized solar panel system for your household
    As solar panels don’t store power and you only get 1/3 of its value when it’s fed back, it is important that you choose the right solar panel system. The most efficient systems
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    How Much Will I Save?

    This can be a difficult question to answer, and will largely depend on how much power you use while the sun is shining on your panels.

    For example a large residential system of say 6.7kW facing north with no shade, will produce on average 30
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    Our feed in tariff

    Understanding Synergy’s feed-in tariff
    The feed-in tariffs can be tricky in Western Australia, with every state having different rules for installing solar. In WA there are many, and it’s important for your solar company to know these rules. It
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    Solar For The Environment

    Our modern society is extremely dependent electricity generated by oil, coal and gas, which all add to greenhouse gas build-up in the environment. Our homes, vehicles and technologies require immense amounts of energy, and as we all know fossil
  • Top 10 Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

    Solar PV systems work by converting light from the sun into electricity, which can be used in your home and business.  Any excess is exported to the grid.

    There are many things you can do right now to start saving energy and cutting down on
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    Solar Makes Cents for Business

    Clean NRG were thrilled to be able to look after Shevron Auto Accessories with a quality Tier 1 panels and German SMA Inverters. The system was installed North East and north west on tilt frames to maximise it efficiency and spread the

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