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How Much Will I Save?

This can be a difficult question to answer, and will largely depend on how much power you use while the sun is shining on your panels.

For example a large residential system of say 6.7kW facing north with no shade, will produce on average 30 units/kWh per day (more in summer, less in winter). If all this power is used as it’s produced, it will save the homeowner $2,930 per year. If the power is not used, it’s fed back into the grid and will only save the homeowner $960 per year.

Your true savings usually range somewhere between these two figures. How much you save depends on how much of the power is used as it’s produced and how much is fed into the grid. Please take a look at our energy savings calculator.

To maximise your savings, shift your power usage to times when the sun is shining on your panels. For example, the pool timer, washing machine, dish washer, vacuum and other necessary appliances will all be used sometime during the week; the trick to generating more savings is to use these in daylight hours. Talk to a Clean NRG consultant today and we will advise you on how get the most from your PV system.