solar panels and sunshine

5 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Solar

1. Bigger is not always better
If you are not using the power as it’s produced, the excess flows to the grid and you lose two-thirds of its value. To size a system correctly it is important that we review your power bills for a complete year and consider your daytime usage when designing your system. 
2. Do your research!
Check reviews and testimonials. It’s easy, just google the company (eg. Clean NRG review for example It’s very important to check their credentials and the quality of the products they offer.  Are they a Clean Energy Council accredited Retailer
3. Buy Local, stay local
Choose a company based in Perth, WA. It’s very difficult to control the quality of the install. Remember it’s the install/wiring configuration that can make all the difference. Some interstate companies often pull up stumps and leave the state which can make it very difficult for any after-sales service. There are a lot of components to a full Solar system so you never know when you might need prompt local help, here in Perth. 
4. You get what you pay for
Being tempted by a cheap price and not considering the quality of the goods or the hidden extras can be dangerous. Always check the quality of the products, warranty and after-sales service. 
5. Beware of ‘Off the shelf’ Packaged Solar systems 
Every home and business is different and uses power differently. Customised systems will always save you money in the long term.