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This is no joke.
Not everyone is aware that there is a major Solar subsidy (aka rebate) currently available to all Australians. This financial incentive generally knocks thousands of dollars off the cost of a family sized Solar PV system. Many Solar consumers are unaware of this subsidy because retailers (such as ourselves) process the paperwork and approvals for all Solar PV systems purchased through our company making it a seamless and lucrative exercise for consumers.
So what has actually happened?
Well, the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) published a report named “Restoring electricity affordability & Australia’s competitive advantage (Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry – Final Report)”. The ACCC announced “The ACCC’s final report finds that there is a serious electricity affordability problem for consumers and businesses. The report sets out 56 recommendations to reset the National Electricity Market, boosting competition, reducing costs and improving consumer and business outcomes”.
‘What a perfect opportunity to boost renewable energy for Australia?!’ we hear you say… well, sadly, it actually seems to be actually quite the contrary.

Has the ACCC missed the mark? We absolutely think so. This country needs to make it easy and accessible to choose Solar, not harder. This Solar subsidy is seriously threatened.
How does this directly affect you? “The threat is there and it is real”, says Craig Donohue, Managing Director Clean NRG Solar. “Rebates for a typical Perth family home total around $4,000 per 6.5 kW Solar PV system and a huge $25,000 saving for 40 kW Commercial systems”.
“The Government must immediately rule out this Trump-like proposal to cut support for rooftop solar and instead provide new subsidies for gas – and coal – fired power stations. We need more renewable energy, not less.” Says Green climate change energy spokes person Adam Brandt.
Yesterday John Grimes, CEO Smart Energy Council said: “The Prime Minister confirmed that all the ACCC recommendations would be implemented. This includes the recommendation to scrap the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Despite our calls for clarity on this point, the government has not ruled out immediately scrapping the scheme. The Prime Minister said the government would introduce NEG legislation into the federal parliament in this sitting (this week or next). It is time to stop burning down every last initiative to transition to a clean, abundant, smart, and affordable energy future.”
“To say that we are scared about implications of all these allegations is an understatement”, says Craig Donohue.
The bottom line is… if you or anyone you know would like to save $4,000* (and you are yet to install Solar on your home or business) NOW is the time to start the process. Contact us on 9244 9200 for your in-home or off-site quote.
*Approximate average savings for Perth family home.
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