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Green News I April 2019 I Autumn Edition

Dos and Don’ts when buying Solar
Green News l April 2019 l Autumn Edition

Ever wondered how to choose a Solar Retailer, what sets one ahead of the rest?

Renewables are the way of the future, with Solar being the most cost effective renewable we have. This video will put your mind at ease when it comes to choosing Solar. This video takes the pressure off, leaving you to enjoy your Solar experience from A to Z in addition to starting to love receiving your power bill. A feeling that more and more Australian’s choosing Solar can comfortably enjoy.
Off Grid Solar
Clean NRG Solar offers a complete range of Off Grid Solar solutions giving you a quiet, clean, efficient source of remote power anywhere, any time.
Check out our new Off Grid Solar page on our website, giving a brief outline on performance, capability and budget of four different Off Grid Solutions.
6.6kW Solar PV package deal
FRONIUS 6.6Kw Solar PV package deal a a realistic price
Complete system package
6.615kW Latest technology A Grade Split Cell Mono Perc panels
FRONIUS PRIMO Inverter with 10 year warranty
Lifetime monitoring
Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer…..….………………NOW $4,850 (was $5,850)*
Quality install and full system optimisation guaranteed
*T&C’s apply, standard installation, single story, single phase, tin roof, Perth metro area, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
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Does your business qualify for $55k in government subsidies?
Does your business or organisation qualify for up-to $55,000 in government subsidies?
As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, Clean NRG Solar can quickly assess your business and audit your energy usage to calculate exactly how much of this incentive you can claim.
The 2019 Federal Budget includes a boost to the instant asset write off covering purchases up to $30,000. This applies to businesses with an annual turnover of under $50 million (previously $10 million). Commercial Solar systems are ideal for the $30,000 tax boost!
Talk to one of Perth’s most reputable Solar retailers to find out more!
Senec Battery Storage SALE!
German designed, made and engineered brand, Senec and Clean NRG Solar have a promotional offer for the month of April 10kWh SENEC Home Battery  $3,000 off RRP making this solution more affordable than ever for Perth homes. PLUS all Senec batteries have a highly sought after, unique feature which allows the battery to be charged during off-peak times on Smart Power.
Use your excess solar power to charge your own battery and Protect your home from blackouts, secure your energy future with Clean NRG and Senec.Please contact us for a quote for your home or business. Senec is compatible with single and 3 phase homes and most existing Solar systems. Contact us to see which battery storage solution is best for you 9244 9200.
Complete system package
Senec 10 kWh Battery…………………………………NOW $10,999 – SAVE $3,000 off RRP! (plus installation)
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Day & Night Solar Ventilation Systems
Cool your house using the power from the sun. Force the hot air out of your home’s roof and wall cavities at 50,000 litres per minute with 24 hour Solar roof ventilation.
From $799 (plus installation)
page1image1752992 5 Year warranty
page1image1752992 Controlled by thermostat or ON/OFF switch
page1image1752992 Reduce the use of air conditioning
page1image1752992 Reduce your power bills
page1image1752992 Day & night, 24 hour ventilation all summer long
page1image1752992 No running costs with Solar panels
page1image1752992 Use your existing solar panels with the 12V version
page1image1752992 Factory ventilation also available
Cleaning your Solar panels in time for winter
Moving towards winter, a panel clean will help while your system production is decreased over the winter months. 

Keeping your Solar panels clean is crucial to their performance, particularly when there is less sun shining on them. DIY Solar panel cleans can be done just as you would clean the windscreen of car. We also offer a cleaning service from only $150*. Protect your investment and increase the efficiency of your panels, which in turn saves you money.
Excessive dirt on solar panels will decrease the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic cells, this reduces the amount of energy your panels produce.
Calculate your Solar savings 

A complete guide to calculating your Solar savings…
In the beginning, your power bills post having a Solar PV system installed can sometimes take a little adjusting in order to understand your savings. We have received many calls over the years from confused clients who feel they are only saving the amount they are feeding back to the grid. However in truth most of the savings are courtesy of the Solar power which clients no longer need to buy from Synergy.
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