10 Questions to ask our competitors

What is the main business of the company? Are you dealing with a solar or electrical company, or an energy efficiency solutions business?

CleanNRG is a WA family owned bricks and mortar business passionate about sustainability.
We are proud of our products and services and are leaders in the field with experts who
design and install home energy systems.
Your solar panels will be on your roof for many years, so be sure to choose a provider who is
a specialist in residential solar energy solutions.

What accreditation and training do their installers have?

CleanNRG’s installation team are qualified specialist electricians with full Clean Energy Council accreditation. They are further trained and coached by CleanNRG on customer service to the highest standards – well beyond industry standards. This guarantees consistency in every installation.

What references and reviews does their solar company provide?

With over 30,000 panels installed around WA, CleanNRG customers are happily reaping the rewards of their solar investments.
Our staff has excellent references from national organisations, energy utility employees and commercial system operators

Does the solar company have a physical office and warehouse in Western Australia?

 CleanNRG is centrally located in Osborne Park, with our showroom, office and warehouse all under one roof! We are available to discuss your solar needs in person, over the phone or online! And if you can’t come to us, we will happily come to you!

What kind of after-sales care do they offer you?

 At CleanNRG, we work with you over the lifetime of your solar energy unit and offer fast servicing and maintenance turn-around. Our staff are available any time to discuss problems you may be having. With our 24-hour problem action guarantee, we ensure our customers are never ‘put out’ with unresolved issues. We stand by our quality components and products to ensure the best for CleanNRG customers.

When considering solar, be sure to ask these questions:

  • How do they ensure your investment will pay off the system?
  • What measures do they have in place to support customers after installation?
  • What is their warranty claim process?
  • How soon will they respond to your queries?
  • Do you have an in-house team solely dedicated to service?

Can the solar company give you accurate production estimates including financial projections, such as return on investments and payback periods?

 CleanNRG utilises industry recognised modelling tools together with local meteorological data to provide production estimates so you can make an informed decision.

What is their warranty arrangement?

 CleanNRG offers leading brands with full manufacturer warranties on products and components. This results in fast turnaround times without any issues. Reputable and reliable companies, such as Clean NRG, will be around as long as your system and will uphold all warranty obligations.

Are all the components of the system currently certified and do they have a website for customer reference?

 We have a strict product selection criterion. Products from original manufacturers via Australian wholesalers, quality brands, solid warranty, fully CEC accredited to design and install teams.

Uncertified products mean you may not be able to claim government rebates and void your warranty.

Will they visit your home and provide a no-pressure consultation?

 At CleanNRG we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We offer a friendly in-home service with no pressure to purchase. Our sales consultants will look at the energy output and size of your home to build you a custom system to suit your needs and roof space.

Bigger isn’t always better – we will only offer you what you actually need.
Buying a solar energy system is a significant investment and shouldn’t be rushed.

Be sceptical of any company offering ‘today only’ deals. Quality systems from reputable companies will be available at any time. Be equally sceptical of a company that will not visit your home prior to sale.

Ask yourself how they would eventually provide aftercare once the system is installed.

Do all the products that make up the system come from Trusted suppliers?

 CleanNRG only uses products from large international manufacturers. fully designed to what you need, made by the world’s leading manufacturers

CleanNRG systems are optimised for peak performance, and all components work together to maximise energy production and ensure a long system life.

A fully branded system helps when it comes to resale value as well. When you eventually sell your property, you can say it features a customised home energy system, not just a mix of different components.

Be very sceptical about providers where there is little or no
information about their company and products, e.g. cables switches, brackets, rails, and a fully proven workmanship warranty.