Humans have been on Earth for 200,000 years

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How Long Can We Keep Digging Up The Earth And Burning It To Make Energy? Humans have been on Earth for 200,000 years and its only over the last 200 years we have begun to dig, excavate and mine the earth, and to burn it to produce energy. That equates to 1 in a thousand....

Solar Energy: Western Australia’s Farms of the Future

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The 21st century has seen some major shifts in the way Australia approaches agriculture, but for every technological advancement, there are additional challenges in maintaining revenue streams by means of traditional, ‘old-fashioned’ farming. Each ground-breaking foray into the future risks leaving the ‘old ways’ behind and, in the midst of rapid climate change and global warming,...

10 Questions to ask our competitors

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What is the main business of the company? Are you dealing with a solar or electrical company, or an energy efficiency solutions business? CleanNRG is a WA family owned bricks and mortar business passionate about sustainability. We are proud of our products and services, and are leaders in the field with experts who design and install...

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