The 40 cent Feed-in tariff is ending! 4 options to help get you through..

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Oh no! What do I do when my 40 cent Feed-in tariff runs out?   This was the question my dad asked me last week. He received a letter from Synergy. Informing him that the 40c per kWh they were paying for his excess solar that was sent to the grid was about to end....

Our Installers don’t cut corners – peace of mind for Clean NRG Solar clients

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Our Installers don’t cut corners – peace of mind for Clean NRG Solar clients. Thousands of homes around Australia are feeling very nervous following a national audit into Solar panels. According to research “potentially deadly issues” have been revealed, which affect around a quarter of Australian rooftop panels with a “severe to high risk to...

Risen undertakes Western Australia’s largest solar project in our sun-rich wheatbelt

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Western Australian consumers can have full confidence buying Risen Energy Solar panels as the company has recently invested in a massive 132MW solar farm in Merriden WA. To put into perspective, that equates to around 26,500 x 5kWh Solar PV systems (5kWh = standard sized residential solar PV system). In addition, because the system is...

How To Read Your Electricity Meter

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How to Read a Synergy Single Phase Meter For customers with a renewable energy system 1. Display Register The display shows all the meter readings recorded, including the readings for electricity consumed for the different tariff rates and exported electricity from your renewable energy system. 2. Serial Number (Meter Number) Each meter is assigned with...

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