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Small size average metro domestic solar power consumption


$40-50K installed.

Off Grid Solar Panels

Small size Average metro domestic solar power consumption 15-20kWh/day

$40-50K installed

Major components: 9kW tier 1 Solar Panels Selectronic 5kW and Fronius 8.2kW primo inverter, 24kWh GenZ rack mount LiFePO4 battery bank.

Suitable for daily average load of 15-20kWh. Selectronic inverter can power maximum load of up to 12kW. So this system can power almost all standard single phase appliances at the same time. Battery bank size will allow 1-1.5 days of battery life before the genset will need to be started. The system is suitable for a 2 Adult, 2 children family where appliances have a high energy star rating and house is insulated with good thermal performance. Sensible air conditioning use is recommended. Battery bank should be increased if significant inductive electric cooking, inverter may need to be increased in size.

Suitable for 4 x 2 family size home.

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