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Summer and our new website are here!
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Top 10 Energy saving tips for 2015!
*Watch this space* Clean NRG e-bike Pipeline Challenge
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After months in the making, the new Clean NRG website is here!

We are delighted to share with you our newly redesigned website, with a fresh new look and enhanced navigation experience. With our clients in mind, our site is full of helpful information, news and competitions that you will love.
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Top 10 energy saving tips for 2015
According to the Bureau of Meteorology (click on link below)…

1. Air con temperature

In both summer and winter adjust your temperature control to 25 degrees. Then only adjust the temperature by 1 degree at a time until you are comfortable. For reverse cycle air conditioners block up any drafts in your home, under doors and above pelmets. If you have a fully ducted system, zone off the rooms you’re not using. For ducted evaporative air coolers open the windows in the rooms you would like cooled. Where possible, install ceiling fans. 

2. Keep filters clean

Electronic motors work much more efficiently when they are not straining. You will save $$ if you keep the filters clean on your air-conditioner, dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, range hood and vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget your pool and spa!

3. Cover your pool

Check your timer setting and adjust it to turn the water over just enough to keep it clean, for most pools that’s around 6 hours in summer and only 3 hours in winter, make sure your filter is clean and all maintaince is done (no air leaks).
4. Hot water
Take short showers instead of baths. The amount of water used and heated is significantly less for a shower. If possible adjust the temperature on your hot water heater to 50 degrees. Install a Solar Hot Water System or a Heat Pump, call us for a free quote to check your return on investment.
5. Lighting
Indentify the lights you use the most, replace those with LED lights, check for flickering tubes, regularly check sensor and security lights to make sure they are not left on permanently.
6. Appliances
Most new refrigerators are very efficient, however make sure its level, and the doors seal well. Do you have an old fridge in a hot garage or patio? You may be shocked to know how much electricity this is consuming. If so consider replacing it with a new indoor bar fridge. Set your fridge at 4-8 degrees and your freezer to minus 15-18 degrees. Use the sun to dry your clothes if you must use the dryer make sure the filters are clean and use the auto sensor function on your dryer to conserve energy by not over-drying your clothes. 
Many modern fabrics and detergents can give excellent results in cold water. Try and do larger loads and check your manufacturer’s recommendations for your machine’s capacity. 
7. Standby power
Turn the power off at the switch or invest in “easy off” power boards. There are plenty on the market or ask us about our range of standby saving power products.
8. Dual thermometer 
Use a dual thermometer to measure the temperature both inside and out of your your home. This is a great tool to help you gage when to open up your home to let the cool air in and when to keep to close it up to keep the hot air out.
9. Make use of the Fremantle Doctor
During the summer months the Fremantle Doctor consistently blows from the South-West along the southern half of the west coast, starting between noon and 3pm. It can penetrate as far inland as 100km, reaching York in the early evening. It’s the strongest in December and January when we need it the most, so make the most of this natural wonder and let the Freo Doctor relieve your energy consumption.
10. Roof Ventilation
Roof Ventilation makes a big difference to your energy costs, remove the air from your roof and and save on cooling costs. Check this out:

Clean NRG Solar Ventilation Demo
Clean NRG e-bike Pipeline Challenge 2015
****Watch this space****
The only e-bike challenge of its kind in Australia! The Clean NRG E-bike Challenge from Kalgoorlie to Perth is an opportunity to showcase current off the shelf street legal e-bikes in the 250watt category and to encourage innovation in e-bike technology in the open category. Watch this space for more information.
For more information click here.
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