A proposal from Synergy to increase their fees to Solar households in Western Australia has met with a strong reaction from people all over the state.

Our prime mister, Malcolm Turnbull is at the Paris Climate Summit talking up the virtues of Australia being a green country. Meanwhile, Synergy is trying to undermine our efforts to be a global leader in renewable energy by increasing their service charge and penalising people for having Solar on their homes! The hypocrisy of this is incredibly disappointing and, if passed, a huge let down for our future generations.

The proposal is targeting consumers with solar panels as well as those who consume significant power and holiday home owners.

Synergy’s chairman Lyndon Rowe believes fixed charges for solar households don’t reflect the actual cost of being connected the Synergy network.“That means other consumers have to pay or the taxpayers have to pay. That’s not fair. That’s not efficient,” said Rowe.

Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organisation bringing together millions of solar owners and supporters to grow and protect solar in Australia …“Solar Citizens welcomes efforts to ensure that electricity users are encouraged to use power sensibly but targeting solar households is not the way to go. It’s a ludicrous idea that Premier Barnett should step in and rule out immediately,” said Reece Turner, the group’s Consumer Campaigner.

“More than one in five homes are powered by the sun. These people have made the sensible decision to invest in clean, abundant energy and should not be penalised. This proposal should be binned before the ink is dry.”

Solar Citizens may gain solid support from the more than 191,000 solar households in the state who invested in solar panels as a means of reducing their electricity bills.

Other attempts at a “sun tax” have occurred in South Australia and New South Wales – and to date both have been unsuccessful. We, and many other Solar industry representatives believe there will be a community uproar should this be passed. If you feel strongly about what some are calling an “unfair tax”, Solar Citizens has launched a petition calling on Premier Barnett “to step in and stop this cash grab”.

Craig Donohue, Clean NRG Managing Director, has kept a close eye on the government’s movements in the Solar industry over the past decade. “This is not the first time the Solar industry has been under attack. We saw the Warburton report which proposed scrapping the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in 2014 and Collin Barnet’s threat to abolish the .40c feed in tariff. Both were deemed a backward step for Australia’s growing renewable energy industry and both were defeated. History has shown us that the Government’s threats of axing this and many other Solar incentives have rarely come to fruition.” Says Donohue.

Please voice your views and support the members of our community who have invested in Solar and our environment.


The Australian Solar Council has launched a major new campaign to protect solar families and businesses from unfair solar taxes.
WA’s monopoly big power company, Synergy, wants to double the connection charge for solar customers.

This is outrageous.
Support the Australian Solar Council, “Enough is enough, its time to fight back.”

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