Beauty, Efficiency, Power

Solaria PowerXT® Pure Black Solar Panels

20 years of solar innovations

Founded in 2000 Solaria is paving the way for distributed, clean power generation and building advances solar panels and integrated systems. 

  • Advanced patented technology
  • Proven field performance
  • Sophisticated automation
  • Headquarters in USA
  • Global operations

More attractive

For those that don’t want a traditional looking solar panel, Solaria offer sleek, all black panels that resemble more a black pane of glass. 

• Pure Black™ design
• No visible circuitry
• Better curb appeal

Better performance​

Achieving up to 20% efficiency, Solaria Power XT® solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential solar market.

• Higher energy output
• Better economics
• Superior shading performance

Better quality

Solaria solar panels consistently exceed industry standards in reliability and durability. Enjoy clean, reliable power day in and day out, backed by a 25 year warranty.

• Fewer failure points
• Certified quality
• Industry leading 25-year warranty

Highest efficiency commercial

Leader in premium residential solar in the US

Solar industry’s most advanced solar panel technology

Solar cell processing

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