The WA Premier, Colin Barnett, was asked in Parliament yesterday if he would categorically rule out a solar tax and he said “yes”.

This a HUGE win for WA’s solar families!

“The Australian Solar Council has campaigned fiercely against a tax on solar families,” the Australian Solar Council’s John Grimes said. Grimes noted that widespread community support for solar was behind the success and thanked the opposition Labor Party for its “steadfast support” on the issue.

The Australian Solar Council’s message to all Western Australian’s is “There has never been a better time to get Solar”.

A coalition of groups joined the Australian Solar Council in being involved in a campaign to prevent the charges being instigated and for ongoing support for energy efficiency programs and the demand side management payments and regime currently in place in Western Australia. The campaign was organised under the banner “Western Australian’s for Lower Energy Prices”.

While far from being the most populated state in Australia, Western Australia has high levels of small-scale solar deployment. Green Energy Markets’ figures reveal that the state installed some 95 MW of residential solar in 2015, from a national figure of around 715 MW.

In January, researchers from the state’s Curtin University concluded that rooftop PV now represents the state’s “largest power plant” with over 500 MW of PV having been added to the grid in the state’s populated South West region.

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