We have been inundated with Solar Battery Storage enquiries!

The technology updates are coming in thick and fast, so Clean NRG has complied our top 3 recommendations to help answer all your Battery Storage questions…

1. ‘Growatt Add On Solution’ Price: $6,500 Supplied and installed to your existing system – Best value for money

Pros: No need to replace your existing inverter, adds onto your current Solar PV System, very competitively priced, installs flat on your garage wall, battery capacity 4.875 kWh

Cons: Limited monitoring, no adjustable ‘time of use” consumption, limited battery capacity, no emergency power mode



2. ‘Sungrow LG Combo’ Price: $19,500 Supplied and installed with 6.5kW Solar panels – Most economical package

Pros: Fully programable, power management peak load shifting, intelligent control of water heaters, pumps etc, compact design, wall mountable, expandable, battery capacity 5.7 kWh

Cons: Not compatible with existing inverters, no emergency power mode



3. Fronius Symo Price: From $22,000 Supplied and installed with 6.5kW Solar panels – Top of the range

Pros: Fully expandable up to 12kWh battery capacity, programable live data on your smart phone, 10 year warranty, expected life span of 20 years, emergency power function, high output, advanced BMS, 3 phase, battery capacity 4.5 kWh expandable to 12kWh

Cons: Initial outlay, needs to be installed indoors and is not wall mountable

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