Ross Memorial Uniting Church in the City, Cnr Colin & Hay Streets in West Perth has been running an early evening talkfest for the past eight years, focusing on our environment.

This year, all sessions will be held on a Tuesday commence at 6pm, but, if people arrive early, a cup of tea/coffee will be available at 5.30pm in the Meeting Room adjacent to the church.

Tuesday 5th September – David Galloway from CUSP (Curtain University Sustainability Programme) has had experience in many areas of sustainability including sustainable design, climate change and mitigation. He will be reflecting on how the thinking around sustainable development has evolved and changed over the past 30 years.

Tuesday 12th September – Felicity McGeorge will talk on the importance of The Wetlands. These are many and varied in WA. They are a haven for animal and plant life with some species of birds travelling huge distances simply to eat the bugs out of the mud in our lakes. Wetlands have also been an incredibly important cultural focus for countless years for Aboriginal people and the strong connection remains today. Not all wetlands are protected from long-term degradation and destruction. It is up to us to step up and protect these special areas.

Tuesday 19th September – Craig Donohue from Clean NRG is a specialist in energy assessments for buildings. His presentation will be on Solar Batteries. This process involves installing special batteries which pick up the unused energy found in roof solar panels, which, in turn, can be accessed when needed.

Tuesday 26th September – Bronnie Kemp from Atom Earth and Hydrosoil Enterprises will look at the varieties of soils in our parks and gardens and what could be added to improve our soils.

Entry is free, and strangers are very welcome. Ross Memorial folk feel it is very important that we learn how to live a happy and sustainable lifestyle, both now and in the future.

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