4 Free Panels + 6.5 kW Home Solar PV System

20 + 4 Tier-1 panels + 25 Year Warranty + Premium Inverter + Fully installed
Offer ends 30 June



Coming soon – One of Perth’s most efficient office/showroom/warehouse facilities

Clean NRG Solar is expanding! We are relocating to our own premises to accommodate our growth. Since we opened for business in 2010, your loyal support has helped us grow, and now we need more space to serve you better. We have been looking for a home of our own for a while now and are happy to inform you we found it. The purchase of this new premises is in line with our vision to cement our commitment to the Solar industry and our clients. Clean NRG Solar, now in our nineth year, is one of the longest running Solar businesses in WA.

A new way to purchase home energy improvements for your family today

To celebrate our move we are offering this great deal with 4 free panels PLUS an option of a $0 upfront and 0% interest payment plan. With energy prices rising, no wonder Australians are looking into alternative ways to cut their energy bills. Rooftop solar panels are becoming a cost-efficient way of controlling your energy costs while at the same time switching to a more independent way of sourcing energy for your home. Although there are long term upsides to investing in Solar, there is however an up-front cost that can put some homeowners off. Here is when we introduce Brighte – so you can purchase your home energy efficient technologies and pay later with their 0% interest payment plan. That’s right, no interest*. Not now, not later, not ever! 

People have different reasons why they want to make energy improvements to their house, either to reduce their carbon footprint, long-term cost-efficiency or simply because it makes their lives more comfortable. Either way, investing in your home makes sense and having those improvements in place, like solar or a battery, might be closer than you think.

The rooftop Solar demand in Perth has increased tremendously over the last few years. The increase in the sales of Solar panels are mainly spurred by reduced prices of modules as well as higher awareness of electricity price hikes. Sustainable homes provide more than a better living opportunity. When planned and constructed effectively, they’re able to save you money on water and energy bills and continue to make your home more cost-efficient over time.

From Solar to batteries, air conditioning to blinds, add the latest energy-efficient improvements to your home. By offering convenient automatic direct-debit payments; Applications take only a few minutes.

How does Brighte work? 

0% interest payment plans are available for purchases up to $30,000. The application process takes just minutes to complete and Clean NRG Solar can do this for you on the spot, in the comfort of your own home, while we’re measuring up and providing a quote or by phone. We can complete your applications using our easy-to-use mobile app, and receive a response then and there from the Brighte team.

Brighte is available for homeowners who meet the following criteria:

  1. 18+ years of age and an Australian permanent resident
  2. Employed or Self Employed, working 30+ hours a week
  3. Good credit history and meet our other lending criteria

Note that Brighte practices responsible lending. The above list is a guide only.

Fees are simple, transparent and include*:

  • A fortnightly payment processing fee of $2.99
  • A monthly account keeping fee of $3.50
  • Establishment fee of $75.00

Payment plans are interest-free.

* Other fees and charges are applicable as per the Terms & Conditions. Based on single phase, colour bond roof, single story installation, panels facing same direction, Perth metro area.

Invest in your home today and feel empowered to take control of energy costs with Clean NRG Solar. Click here to request a quote.

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