Find out how you can save up to 75% on your electricity bills!

We’ve had one of the hottest summers on record!

Start taking advantage of your roof, by converting the sunshine into savings, with CleanNRG Solar.

With Government Incentives up to $5,000 still available to homeowners, and $30,000 for business, NOW is the perfect time to install a Clean  NRG Solar PV system.

Did you know that this incentive fluctuates depending on how many Australian’s install solar. As the installs increase the incentive drops and vice versa. Currently, households with solar are eligible to receive is a maximum of $5,168*, the law states that this is close to the highest amount it can go.

There are no guarantees that the incentive will stay at this rate for long, a few years ago a big surge in solar installs meant a decrease of the incentive to around half the current amount!

Don’t miss out on this generous Government Incentive! Find out how much you can save, today!!

Phone 9244 9200 or visit our showroom, opposite Harvey Norman Osborne Park. 

Clean NRG Solar, we make it easy.

**Listen out for our own Craig Donohue on 6iX this month and call us to find out how you can slash your power bills**

* Government Incentive is based on 136 STCs for a 6.6kW system (STC Zone 3) at STC rate of $38/kW. The number of STCs depends on the location of the installation. The price of STCs in this example is subject to change.

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