The Clean NRG E-Bike Pipeline E-bike Challenge Sunday 27th September 2015 – Thursday 1st October 2015

The inaugural Pipeline Challenge, an epic 600+ km mountain bike adventure that will see riders conquer the iconic Golden Pipeline. Over five days teams of 2-5 riders will trace the pipeline from Kalgoorlie, through Coolgardie, Southern Cross, Merredin and Northam to finally arrive in the Perth hills.

The Pipeline Challenge aims to raise awareness and money for young people dealing with issues such as mental health, homelessness and abuse. The funds raised will support the work of Youth Futures, who have been supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people for over 26 years. Each rider is required to raise $1,000 for Youth Futures before leaving Kalgoorlie to embark on the Pipeline Challenge.
E-bike riders are invited to register in the Clean NRG e-bike Challenge. So if you’re up for building an E-bike, or simply wish to buy one for the ride, click here to find out more about this battle of Man Vs. Machine.
Registrations for all categories are now open, so grab a few friends and register your team for the 2015 Pipeline Challenge.



The challenge for this category is to build an e-bike that will travel each stage of the Pipeline Challenge, the longest distance being 180 km. Not an easy task considering most E-bikes range is less than 100 km! Entrants will be put to the test to design and build a bike to go the distance.

One of the most interesting things about this challenge is seeing if it’s possible for participants to build an E-bike that can go the distance and still be ahead of some of the top riders in the Pipeline Challenge. Is it possible to build a battery powered bike, light enough, strong enough and fast enough to travel the distance faster than a standard human powered bike?


In this category anyone can enter, simply buy (or build) an appropriate off the shelf 250watt E-bike and register for the challenge. Riders will be allowed one standard capacity battery for the full 600 km which can be charged each night. Street legal 250watt e-bikes, speed limited to 25kmh with pedal assist are readily available. With a bit of training most of us could make the distance, with a little help from our legs.

Strategy will be the key to this challenge, go hard and go fast for as long as the battery lasts and rely on your legs to make it to the end of the stage, or save the battery for the climbs and sandy sections? Maybe use your legs to go as fast and as far as possible and then sit back and cruise to the end of the stage? The choice is yours!

It’s Man v Machine, Willpower v Watts, Braun v Batteries.

It’s a technology challenge. It’s a tactical challenge.

It’s the Clean NRG E-Bike Challenge.


Riders in the Pipeline Challenge using E-bikes must abide by all of the standard guidelines, terms and conditions. Additional rules for the Clean NRG e-bike challenge;

  • The e-Bike must finish the entire distance with the original battery on board. You cannot change the battery or remove the battery during the stage.
  • The battery cannot be charged from an external source during the stage. However you can charge the battery via solar or regenerative braking attached to the bike or other innovative measures (wind powered charger???).
  • One e-Bike per team, however you can have multiple riders.
  • The bike must also be human powered (pedal assisted, drivetrain etc.)
  • All bikes need to be speed limited to 25 kmph when used on roads and a maximum of 40 kmph at any other time. Safety is the first priority riders must always ride according to the conditions and in a safe manner.
  • You must have a backup normal mountain bike.
  • If you have a terminal breakdown where you are unable to use the bike even via pedal assistance, you can use your backup normal mountain bike to complete the stage (a flat battery is not considered a terminal breakdown).
Craig Donohue from Clean NRG, Perth’s Solar Energy Experts has supported Youth Futures for a number of years. He is the only guy we know who charged $50 for friends and family to attend his 50th birthday party and then donated all the money to charity. Craig has been an avid mountain biker for many years, but more recently he has embraced the benefits of e-bike technology as a means of commuting and recreational mountain biking. You could say Craig “walks the talk”, he rides his e-bike to the office every day, rain hail or shine and does all he can to do his bit in conserving energy. Craig has come on board the Pipeline Challenge not only to support Youth Futures but also to promote his passion for solar and alternative energy.
You will find Craig at his showroom on Scarborough Beach Road in Osborne Park. He will happily give you the right information needed to make an informed decision about solar power energy systems, solar panels, solar hot water, LED lighting and energy saving solutions. The more you save on power bills the more money you have to spend on your next bike, and as Craig will tell you every little bit helps the planet.

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