Our Marketing Manager Claire Burke will be making her acting debut in The Breakfast Club. Loved by many die hard 80’s fans, this screen adaptation Directed by Brenton Foale and presented by Fremantle Performing Artists will be staged at the Koorliny Art Centre from 26th – 28th July. Previously adapted for theatre production in the USA and UK, this is the first ever performance of this cult film on an Australian Stage.
Clean NRG Solar is proud to sponsor this production by Fremantle Performing Artists, a not-for-profit community theatre group, based in Fremantle.
The production will be staged at the Koorliny Arts Center, in Kwinana, from the 26th to 28th July 2018, including two shows on Saturday 28th. We estimate that the show, which has already had a lot of very positive responses from people wishing to purchase tickets, will be a sellout audience at each performance. The theatre seats 230 audience members. With four performances this comes to 920 audience members. The popularity of the John Hughes motion picture, which has been a favourite of many since it was made in the mid eighties, will also see that the production has full houses.
“We are very appreciative of Clean NRG Solar and their help and support of our production. The funds from sponsorship will be used to purchase items necessary for the set, pay for wardrobe, rehearsal space, printing and for the theatre hire for the performances”, says Brenton Foale, Director.

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